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Rev. Ted Pike
National Director

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Blessing Israel with Truth

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Shawn in Australia
2019 June

Types of "Anti-Semitic Hate Speech" ADL wants to Outlaw

Jeff Rense Program
2019 June 6

Type of Speech ADL wants Banned

Israeli News Live
2019 June

What's Hidden in the Anti-Semitism Act

(video broadcast on YouTube)
Israeli News Live
2019 May

What's Hidden in the Equality Act S788

(video broadcast on YouTube)
Jeff Rense Program
2019 May 22

Threat of "Equality" and "Anti-Semitisim Awareness Act"s - Part II

James Edwards
2019 May

Emergency Alert "Equality" Bill Debate

(30 min, 13.7MB)
Jeff Rense Program
2019 Apr 30

Threat of "Equality" and "Anti-Semitisim Awareness Act"s

James Edwards
18 May 14

Breaking Down “Hate Crime” Double Standards


Rick Adams
14 Feb 14

"Illegal to Boycott Israel" Bill Enters Congress


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Adam Green Interview - June 2019

The Other Israel


Why the Mid-East Bleeds


Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance


Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians


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View the text of the new hate bill The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007 With commentary by Rev. Ted Pike

Persecution of "Philadelphia Eleven" in 2004:
Philadelphia pursues "Hate Crimes" Charges Against Christians



"Israel: Our Duty ... Our Dilemma" Book

19 May 19 - EMERGENCY ALERT - Senate New Forum for "Equality" Bill Debate

01 May 19 - EMERGENCY ALERT - "Equality" Bill Hastens Babylon the Great - Part Two

30 Apr 19 - EMERGENCY ALERT - "Equality" Bill Hastens Babylon the Great

Ted Pike's "Other Israel" Video Explodes on Web 22 Sept 15

29 Jul 14 - King David Advocated Fairness to Israel's Foes

23 Jun 14 - FRC Crumples before ADL

9 Jun 14 - How God Loved Us before the Beginning

19 May 14 - ADL's Skewed Questions in "Global Anti-Semitism" Poll

5 May 14 - Who's Behind New "Ban Cyberhate" Bill?

29 Apr 14 - "No Hate Crime" When Jews Beat Up Black Gay

15 Apr 14 - Maverick Geneticist Plans Tests on Khazar Bones

9 Apr 14 - Speaking Against Unspeakable Evil

1 Apr 14 - How God Prefers to Deliver Christians

28 Mar 14 - FBI Dumps ADL, Not Just SPLC!

25 Mar 14 - Can You Cry out to Christ to Be Saved?

24 Mar 14 - Replacement Theology Needlessly Repels Zionist Evangelicals

19 Mar 14 - A Simple Chronology of Last Days Events

17 Mar 14 - Soros Funds Palestinian-Friendly Evangelicals

10 Mar 14 - In Search of the Authentic Church

5 Mar 14 - "Illegal to Boycott Israel Bills" Move Forward

4 Mar 14 - The Unpardonable Sin, Part 2

3 Mar 14 - The Unpardonable Sin, Part 1

27 Feb 14 - What is Sin? Part 3

26 Feb 14 - What is Sin? Part 2

25 Feb 14 - What is Sin? Part 1

24 Feb 14 - Anti-Bias Laws Persecuting Christian Businesses

17 Feb 14 - Kansas State Reps: Religion Can Justify Anti-Gay Discrimination

12 Feb 14 - "Illegal to Boycott Israel" Bill Enters Congress

10 Feb 14 - The Jews Who Aren't Khazars

3 Feb 14 - True Christianity Ignites Action against Evil

29 Jan 14 - Guide to Truthtelling in Pro-Zionist Churches

27 Jan 14 - In Search of 'Homegrown Terrorists'

23 Jan 14 - Crime, Fraud Soar among Hasidic Jews, Part 3

22 Jan 14 - Crime, Fraud Soar among Hasidic Jews, Part 2

21 Jan 14 - Crime, Fraud Soar among Hasidic Jews, Part 1

13 Jan 14 - NY Bill Defunds Colleges which Boycott Israel

7 Jan 14 - Three Times Evil Jewish Leaders Fled

6 Jan 14 - A&E's "Bias Crime" Against Duck Dynasty Clan

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Here is a sampling of past, yet still relevant, articles from Truthtellers.org. (Go to Archives from complete list.)

26 Aug 10 - Support for Israel Sags in US

21 June 10 - Israel’s Big Lie: Gaza Not Suffering

2 June 10 - The Violent Radicalization of Israel

20 Apr 10 - Is Israel Wiretapping America?

12 Apr 10 - Christian Zionism Will Kill Populist Revolt

29 Mar 10 - 'Babylon the Great' is Israel

23 Mar 10 - Who are Abraham’s Children?

3 Nov 09 ADL Applauds Itself for Hate

24 Sep 09 Jewish Groups: Churches Must Hire Homosexuals!

17 Sep 09 - How ENDA Ends Workplace Freedom: Part Two

15 Sep 09 - How ENDA Ends Workplace Freedom: Part One

25 Aug 09 Jesus Christ: 'Hate Criminal?'

11 May 09 Who's Behind the 'Pedophile Protection Act'?

6 May 09 FOX News Rips "Pedophile-Protecting" Hate Bill


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Watch: Hate Bill Lies: Exposed! (10-minute Video)Watch: Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians (82-minute video)

Read and Distribute Flyer : "Will Anti-Hate Laws Make You a Law-Breaker?"

View text of the Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act of 2005 [S. 1145] (With astute commentary by Rev. Ted Pike.)

View text of the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act [S. 909]

What's Wrong with "Anti-Hate" Laws? 

Top 11 Reasons You Should Fight Hate LawsWhat is Anti-Semitism? Rev. Pike Explains

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