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Stop the ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, S 1584, in the Senate!

New Video: "The Naked Truth About ENDA"
by Christina Elford, Tea Party Supporter and admirer of the National Prayer Network

Christina Elford, just turned 20, is a Tea Party supporter who is determined to wake up other Tea Partiers to bigger issues than just taxes. Last fall, on her own initiative, she laboriously typed in her own e-list of more than 600 Tea Party chapters in America. She has since informed them weekly with news and articles from Truthtellers.org.

Concerned about possible passage of ENDA, Christina (20) and NPN filmmaker Becki Pike (28) have produced a hard-hitting, fast-moving five-minute video, "The Naked Truth About ENDA." This video should inspire all lovers of freedom to call wavering Senators this week. But it should especially motivate young people of high school and college age. NPN encourages you to watch it now and show it at your church and youth groups this Wednesday and Sunday. This week could determine if ENDA loses all steam or creeps over the finish line to passage in both House and Senate. If viewed widely, "The Naked Truth About ENDA" could play an important role in ending the hopes of this frightening legislation.


There is Hope!
10 May 10 - We're Backing Down ENDA! by Ted Pike



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