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By Rev. Ted Pike
16 Jan 13

In 2005 Jewish CBS contributed to the Christmas holiday with a one-hour special, "The Mystery of Christmas," considering the question: Was Jesus a bastard and His mother a whore?

During the recent holidays did you notice any conspicuous bashing of Jesus from big TV or Hollywood? No. In fact, there haven't been notable examples since 2007. I believe total truthtelling is the major reason for this.

Searing media attacks by Jews upon Jesus began with The Last Temptation of Christ in 1988. At that time I feared they would only increase in boldness and depravity until a thoroughly intimidated American church would have to stand by, especially at Christmas and Easter, as Jesus, Mary, and the New Testament were publicly mocked and discredited. Yet, from the Last Temptation to last summer's Good Christian Bitches, the National Prayer Network has spoken out about the fact that activist Jews, with a religious/ethnic agenda to oppose and undermine Christianity, are behind these campaigns.

In ancient times, a tiny terrier, by its incessant and irritating barking, could alert a sleeping city to an encircling army. In the same way NPN, through the megaphone of the internet, can awaken the world to the last thing Jewish media moguls want heard: that Jewish media reflects an animus against Christianity that comes from the Talmud and Judaism itself -- and intentionally undermines our Christian culture and values.

In 1988 NPN mailed my brochure "The Real Reason Behind The Last Temptation" to 192,000 evangelical pastors in America. (See 'The Last Temptation of Christ' An Unnecessary Disaster in Christian-Jewish Relations) Several years later, a respected national Jewish authority called this film "the greatest disaster in Jewish/Christian relations over the past century." This was only the case because Americans were made aware that Jews were responsible for the film. That effort cost $35,000, but NPN made sure every successive effort by Jewish big media got the same treatment -- yet through a free worldwide web! (See Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish)

Here is a resume of Jewish media assaults on Christianity following The Last Temptation:

In December 2005 Jewish-owned CBS produced its one-hour special "The Mystery of Christmas" asking: Was Christ really a bastard, the illegitimate son of Mary, an adulterous hairdresser? (See, The Jews Behind Da Vinci Code) "The Book of Daniel" followed that winter, created by predominantly Jewish writers, authorized by Jewish head of NBC Television, Jeff Zukor. It portrayed Christ as a half-witted mumbling fool. (See, Who's Behind NBC's 'Book of Daniel'?) The Da Vinci Code suggested Christ had sex with Mary Magdalene. Although not written by a Jew, it was heavily promoted and profited from by Jews. The Jewish heads of Sony of America, through their Columbia Pictures, produced the movie version. Jewish publishing houses monopolized staggering book sales. Jews also dominated National Geographic's promotion of the "Book of Judas" and "Gnostic Gospels" magazine and TV promotions, suggesting Judas Iscariot was a hero for betraying Jesus. (See, Judas: Historic Jewish Hero) In August 2007 Jewish actors, producers, and Jewish-owned City Lights Pictures created The Ten, a movie that portrayed Jesus H. Christ deflowering a young librarian during her vacation in Mexico. (See, Jews Behind 'The Ten')

Perhaps another anti-Jesus big media outrage is being planned. But I believe it is unlikely because NPN was able to overwhelmingly dominate the internet in criticism of GCB. Up to eight out of ten first-page articles on Google or Yahoo critical of GCB were by me, identifying Jews behind the show. Such might be repeated with each media attack on Jesus, progressively educating the world concerning Jewish control of the media and hatred of Christ. Last summer CEO of Disney/ABC, observant Orthodox Jew Robert Iger, and his homosexual Jewish producers, Darren Star and Alan Poul, clearly believed America was ready for evangelical Christians to be portrayed as campy, hypocritical fools in GCB. They thought the church so weak and America so indifferent they could at last fill a prime-time slot with blatant Christian-bashing on ABC. Yet the internet enabled us to speak the whole truth about their hateful and bigoted agenda. Sponsors, quickly scanning the internet and encountering our many articles, got the impression of massive controversy. As a result, 80 percent never repeated an ad after the first showing. Three other ABC programs with lower ratings were renewed for the fall season, but GCB was not.

Yes, other Christian activist groups threatened boycotts of Disney/ABC, sent online petitions and form emails, even called. Thousands responded to NPN's request for calls to sponsors. All this contributed significantly to GCB's cancellation. But, in my opinion, after a 5 year lull Iger and the Jews of Hollywood were so determined to reinvigorate media blasphemy of Christianity that they would have been willing to continue GCB at a loss. There can be no doubt that NPN's continuing emphasis upon Jews behind the sitcom persuaded Disney/ABC leadership to cancel. This was reinforced by my well-published promise to continue this emphasis if the show was renewed. (See, Good Christian Bitches (GCB) Canceled!)

I am stating this not in self-congratulation. I'm hoping to answer the oft-asked question from the religious right: How can Hollywood and media be restrained in their seemingly relentless power to destroy America's traditional Christian values, particularly in its youth?

I hope such evangelicals can realize that traditional forms of protest are largely laughed away by Jewish media. What the media doesn't laugh about is someone who, like Jesus and the Hebrew prophets, publicly identifies their agenda and its religious Jewish nature. This is threatening because, at least since World War II, the Jewish people have been shielded from criticism; they are the only ethnic, religious group in the west who are completely protected from honest analysis.

Identifying Jewish activists in media and elsewhere has nothing to do with exposing them to physical harm or discrimination. Rather, we must right the imbalance and end the power chokehold that happens when one group is protected from criticism, its motives unexamined and its agenda unmentionable. The key is to follow, under the leading of the Holy Spirit, the Scriptural pattern of fearless truth-telling.

Last summer, the consensus of American and Canadian Christian communities was that it was futile to resist GCB. Except for media attention given to criticism of GCB by New York City councilman Peter Vallone Jr., there was, as Rush Limbaugh commented, no national outrage. Yet, as I began to write my first of 25 articles with staff writer Harmony Daws (receiving very low initial readership at Rense.com), I remembered Jesus' promise that if I had faith as "a grain of mustard seed" this "mountain" of GCB could slide into the sea. Three months later that's exactly what happened. Although massively promoted by Disney/ABC, GCB is now in the graveyard of failed sitcoms -- by the power of God, activism of thousands, and as a result of following the example of Jesus to publicly rebuke evil Jews without respect of persons.

Jesus' promise wasn't given just to me or NPN but to every Christian and every "watchdog" group that will fear and obey Him -- not fear and obey Jews.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

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