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By Rev. Ted Pike
23 Jan 14

The Hasidim are widely resented by more moderate Jews as tarnishing the good name of Judaism. Yet Jewish supremacism needs them. After all, it was out of the Hasidic/Khazar “Jews” of Poland and Russia that Freemasonry, communism and Jewish financial and media control have emerged. The Hasidism founded by Baal Shem Tov was a powerful combination of race and false religion proven to put Talmudic/kabbalistic goals of world control further forward than any other.

Jewish supremacism also needs Hasidism because its Ultra-Orthodoxy preserves reverence for the Talmud and Zohar, the "fence" of racial separation from the Gentiles which has proven vital to the preservation of Judaism.  Thus, a strong Ultra-Orthodox religious core within Judaism not only provides a barrier to assimilation but creates a potential fighting force for Jewish supremacism on the local level.  This is essential to eventually helping fulfill kabbalistic Judaism's ultimate goal of displacement and even extermination of any "goyim" who resist.  Certainly, in Israel today, the kabbalistic, Ultra-Orthodox counterparts of New York's Hasidim, the Haredim settlers, have proved their quickness to turn from study of the mystical Zohar and take up assault rifles against Palestinian farmers - burning their olive groves, plugging their wells and seizing their land. Because Kabbalah stimulates anti-Gentile violence, Orthodox Jews who exalt the Zohar will always be vital to Judaism itself.  That is why, in the upper echelons of “respectable” Jewry in Washington, D.C. and Tel Aviv, many powerful Jews realize that protection and encouragement of ultra-Orthodoxy is vital to Jewish supremacism.

In the hearts of most secularized or modernized Jews is a twinge of guilt that they have drifted so far from their roots. For them, such roots do not go back to Palestine but to Poland and Eastern Europe. Such Jews do not remember Khazaria and their ancestors’ conversion out of phallic worship to Judaism. But their racial memory is full of references to kabbalisitic Judaism and its cultures and practices in the “shtetls” of Poland and Eastern Europe. As such, an esteemed Jewish U.S. Senator, high-ranking Presidential advisor or pro-homosexual, anti-Christian Hollywood Jewish media producer is likely to feel very sympathetic and drawn to their Hassidic brethren. Hassidic Jews are a veritable time capsule back to that leader’s grandparents a little more than a century ago. Such secularized Jews can no longer be part of ultra-Orthodox Judaism. However, they often look to its present-day, mystical, white-bearded sages for examples of spirituality, even when such is not really spiritual but consists of oppressive and spiritually barren traditions and law keeping. It is also not surprising that such Jews of prominence everywhere in New York’s upper strata can usually be depended upon to see that the Hasidics are given privileges, exemptions, and funding unheard of for their black or Puerto Rican neighbors.

Consequently, despite the most egregious crimes, we repeatedly see Hasidic criminals left untried, released on bail, allowed to flee to Israel, or not charged with hate crimes, while Gentiles who commit the same offenses are punished severely. (See “Known Pedophile was Hired by Orthodox Synagogue Group” and “Extortionist Rabbi Milton Yehoshua Balkany is Free – Sort of”) This is also why Hasidim are granted vastly disproportionate advantages in housing, welfare, government grants and protections, and almost total lack of mainstream media exposure or criticism. Jews in high places are “taking care of their own.”


Israel is being transformed from the very largely secular/Marxist-oriented state of its first 50 years into one in which violent religious fanatics play an increasingly strategic role. Today, Ultra-Orthodox “Haredi” settlers are Israel’s “shock troops,” pushing the boundaries of Israel ever eastward. The goal, admitted or not by the Netanyahu government, is to use the Haredim to finally expel all Arabs from Palestine. Thus, as the “respectable, official” government of Ben Gurion in 1948 made undercover use of the most violent Jewish terrorist groups, such as “Irgun” and “the Stern gang,” to terrorize and drive 800,000 Arabs out of Palestine, so the same object is served by the Ultra-Orthodox on Israel’s frontiers. Pretending consternation at the lawlessness of this virtual terrorist army and law unto itself, the government of Israel, both in 1948 and in 2014, must be delighted that their objectives of Arab displacement are being carried out.

Israel's kabbalistic Haredim thus maintain Jewish supremacism’s eastern front. Meanwhile, a similar western front of Jewish ascendancy and displacement of Gentile control is materializing in major urban centers such as New York City, Baltimore, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Again, the Ultra-Orthodox are assuming a critical role in establishing an insular, self-governing hierarchy of Jews. Just as an icebreaker ship rams its way into previously impenetrable ice so other vessels may follow, establishment in America of Ultra-Orthodox presence, power, and potential for crime and violence against the American majority constitutes a beachhead for an arrogant Jewish society in America such as has never been seen before.

Such Jewish social overlay is a precursor of greater social control over the western world. What we are seeing in New York and adjacent states is Jewish control over city and state governments so complete and increasing that even now the Gentiles and their elected officials have to accept a subordinate status to a hierarchy of Jews who cannot be publicly criticized. Such subservience is prophesied by the Talmud and the Zohar which say the time will come when the Jews will rule as kings over the goyim. As a result of such “creeping Zionism,” Jewish world government will not occur in a moment but in a many layered way, through successive stages of increased Jewish power.

Yes, the Jews controlling international finance, politics, and media, as well as Zionist leadership in Israel, will play their roles in orchestrating world government on the macro level. But on the local and metropolitan level, they will need exactly the fanatical criminal enforcers of Jewish control over the goyim that we see emerging in the militant Hasidics and Haredi. Granted, the numbers of both groups are much less than the Jewish majority. Yet the fact that they are able to establish, both in the U.S. and Israel, bastions of insular power that intimidates their respective governments and repels police interference, is no small accomplishment. Rather, it is full of potential for even greater intimidation to come. Society cannot ignore that a possibly paramilitary and criminal arm of Judaism is being established, not only on the West Bank in Israel but also in America, starting on the banks of the Hudson.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

To contact Rev. Ted Pike call (503) 631-3808.

The freedom-saving outreach of Rev. Ted Pike and the National Prayer Network is solely supported by sale of books, videos and your financial support. All gifts are tax-deductible.


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