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By Rev. Ted Pike
1 Nov 11

Last week I asked Joseph Farah to substantiate his libel of me as a “liar and anti-Semite.” (See video, Farah Calls Ted Pike a Lying Anti-Semite) I also rebuked him for repeatedly exalting ADL in WorldNetDaily as a trustworthy source for the proper definition of anti-Semitism. He has retreated behind his untrue and defamatory statements, apparently feeling no responsibility to defend them.

Several people have emailed me Farah’s response to their request for proof of his allegations.

Dear Mr. Farah:

Ted Pike’s new video says you support ADL and call him an anti-Semite and a liar.

ADL is paving the way for the anti-Christ prophesied in Revelation with its hate crimes laws on Christian witnessing. How can you promote such an organization?

I have found much insightful information through reading Reverend Pike’s material, and I have not found him to be untruthful. Please tell me why you charge him with lying and anti-Semitism.

If his facts are false, you should be easily able to refute them publicly.

Thank you.

Farah replies:

That’s why I call him a liar. Have you seen what I have written about the ADL?

Farah then links to "The ADL targets WND," an article he posted November 21, 2009.  Farah apparently says I am a liar because I point out that he exalts ADL as a respected definer of anti-Semitism (In this WND article: Unmasked! 'Occupy' protests sending sharp anti-Jew message), without reminding my audience that two years ago he warned ADL not to call him an anti-Semite. This is evidently the best Farah can do.

Farah’s response to another was even colder.

I just watched Ted Pike's recent video where he says you called him a 'lying anti-Semite'... I was shocked! Is this true? I am very disappointed and don't understand on what basis you would call him that. I want you to follow up this accusation with a response; your readers deserve clarification.

Farah responds:

Let me simplify. He lies. And he’s an anti-Semite.

Farah is unable to prove his accusations. His response also reflects blind, unconditional defense of Israel—and utter loathing of critics of Israel—common to Israel-first evangelicals. Such evangelicals are increasingly untroubled by any atrocity and injustice Israel commits. They believe, as does Pastor John Hagee, that Israel’s special “chosenness” by God give the Jewish people unconditional rights without obedience. Anyone who criticizes the Jewish state is not only “anti-Semitic” but the enemy of God.

But this leads to the next stage, demonstrated best by the Catholic church during the Inquisition: suspension of Christian values and a resort to lying and persecution. To the Torquemadas of the Inquisition, Jews, Muslims, and proto-Protestants were beneath charity or fair play. Farah apparently believes he can libel another for a “good cause:” defense of Israel. Yet his accusations, without documentation, repudiate everything he should hold sacred as a professing Christian and even the former executive news editor of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. Farah’s license to defame bears no resemblance to Christianity. It is much closer to such monstrous systems of censorship and oppression as the pre-glasnost Soviet Union which relegated critics of “Soviet reality” as “non-persons” without rights.

Farah and Israel-first evangelicals today demonstrate a progressive lowering of moral and intellectual values as they remain loyal to Israel above truth, compassion and even the Bible. Thus they violate the first commandment: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

Farah considers himself a follower of the One who says, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Would Jesus defame another person and refuse to tell honest inquirers the reason? Farah’s behavior is much more typical of the Pharisees who accused Jesus of blasphemy, demon possession and performing miracles through the power of Satan—without substantiation.

Farah is revealing himself as a canary in the Christian Zionist mineshaft, an index of the increasing moral toxicity within the atmosphere of Israel-first "Christians."


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. 

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