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By Rev. Ted Pike
14 May 12

A disappointed ABC announced Friday that Christian-bashing sitcom GCB will not replace Desperate Housewives next fall.  Mark Delkin, who played "Christian" homosexual Blake, said, "Wow.  I feel stunned and sad.  We had an amazing ride…"

Yes, it's been amazing how such unprecedented anti-Christianity could have been pushed down the throats of "Christian" America for ten weeks with hardly a whimper of protest from major Christian leaders.  It's also amazing how only a few thousand activists, by doggedly calling and emailing commercial sponsors, undoubtedly played a decisive role in the show's demise.  Four out of five sponsors, clearly apprehensive of the controversy the show was generating among customers, chose not to advertise a second time.   Thirteen national sponsors gave us definitive statements that their ads would not reappear.

GCB’s unique emphasis on the bizarre immorality and hypocrisy of most of its “Christian” characters did not resonate favorably with many, even among the young and liberal. As a result the series, finishing last in its category, was simply not popular enough to successfully replace Desperate Housewives. Did our protest influence GCB’s ratings? TVseriesfinale.com is conducting an informal poll asking that question and 52 percent are saying “yes.”

There is no doubt that our protest powerfully influenced sponsors to abandon the show, undercutting the economic viability of GCB next season.

Fulfilling my prediction of what, with God's help, a small Gideon's band could do, we gutted GCB of most of its sponsors. Such massive alienation made GCB the advertising "typhoid Mary" of the industry.

I believe that, above all other factors, God helped defeat GCB.

In my opinion, here are the crucial human reasons dashing ABC's economic hopes for a permanent GCB next fall:

  • Thousands made use of the lists of sponsors at www.truthtellers.org to call or email corporations.  Many never gave up calling new sponsors every week as they were added.  Others, such as the American Decency Association, encouraged calling and emailing.
  • Over ten weeks, staff writer Harmony Daws and I wrote 25 articles critical of GCB. In the absence of any other consistent writing against GCB online, they dominated internet search engines. Many were re-posted by other websites, and, under such searches as “protest GCB,” gave the impression to sponsors of raging criticism from many quarters.
  • Every week NPN encouraged troops by announcing new sponsors who had abandoned GCB, not allowing this effort to slow down.  Similarly, when the American Decency Association found that nearly four of five GCB sponsors had left, it provided enormous encouragement after the first month to keep up the offensive.
  • NPN repeatedly emphasized that Jews were behind GCB and that this was a Jewish attack on Christianity.  This undoubtedly caused Jewish Disney/ABC and the American Jewish community to rethink whether they wanted it widely known that Jews authorized such Christian bashing or that Jews dominate mass media. (See Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish)
  • We repeatedly publicized the fact that many thousands of evangelicals were coming directly off the search engines to anti-Zionist www.truthtellers.org.  Thousands read multiple articles against Jewish supremacism and media control.  This could not have been good news for Jewish-dominated media and the liberal Jewish community.
  • In one of my latest articles I announced that if GCB was renewed NPN was looking forward to leading another boycott next fall.  We would again trumpet the show's Jewish origins, bringing thousands more evangelicals to www.truthtellers.org.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Considering the boycott's huge success, some suggest NPN lead boycotts against other depraved television programs.  I won't exclude that possibility, yet NPN's primary duty is to warn of the most dangerous present threats to freedom. 

I have been very disappointed at response within the alternative right to one of the greatest threats to freedom ever to come before Congress, CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act).  (See Who's Really Behind Internet Takeover Bill CISPA?)

Are lovers of freedom so weary from having worked against (and defeated!) the SOPA bill that they just can't muster activism to oppose more legislation that will take away internet freedom?

Leaders of the religious right, with vast resources and millions of supporters, clearly thought it was impossible to beat GCB and therefore did and said nothing.  How wrong they were! Don't be similarly shamed by letting CISPA pass.

Gen. Washington's truly weary, ragtag, shivering, and malnourished soldiers fought battle and yet another battle to purchase freedom.  They didn't give up. It's time for us to again take to the phones.  Under no circumstances can we let a free internet be taken from us.

Please take this link to the crucial members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and all 100 members of the U.S. Senate.  Call immediately as many as you can. (Go Here for Senate Member List)

Yes, we will fight CISPA and the next bill like it and the next one after that.  At least, I will.  I hope you'll fight with me.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. 

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