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By Rev. Ted Pike and Harmony Daws
21 Mar 12

The Bible is clear: Christians will be globally persecuted in the years to come.  They will be “worn out,” their power “destroyed” by the descendants of the Jewish leaders who persecuted the early church. (Daniel 7:25, 8:24) Jesus could not be clearer about the identity of future persecutors: “they will lay their hands on you and will persecute you, delivering you to the synagogues and prisons...” to be condemned and even killed. (Luke 21:12).

Jewish cultural activists now trash Christianity in “Good Christian Bitches” on ABC. Why should this filthy sitcom concern every Christian? Its activist Jewish creators and producers are building a reputation of Christians as the most ridiculous, hypocritical, contemptible people alive. (See The Jews Behind "Good Christian Bitches" (GCB)) This week’s episode mocks Christian heterosexual marriages and sexual ethics, skewering not just Christian “bitches” but Christian marriage seminars, reclaimed virginity and the idea of heterosexual marriage itself.

On this show, the only sympathetic, desirable, dimensional characters are non-Christians. The Christian women are neurotic and sexually spurned as a result of all their other horrible traits. At a marriage seminar, the three main couples wear “marriage all-star” t-shirts while we as the audience know that each of their marriages is, at best, nothing to envy. Carlene’s husband isn’t having sex with her; Sharon’s husband regrets getting married (her husband had tried to seduce Amanda); and Cricket’s husband is homosexual. Cricket, this supposed model of virtue and marriage, hires attractive male fitness instructors and pays them for sex! The scene makes a mockery of Christian marrieds who try to set an example. During the seminar, Cricket and Blake talk about tax breaks that come with being married. All Carlene’s husband cares about is money. Cricket and Blake read a horrible, corny script about reclaimed virginity. Cricket says her homosexual husband, Blake, is the only man who ever loved her for who she is. As in the previous episode, Blake is held up as revealing greater humanity and forbearance than the “Christian” bitches. This show is not just another mean-girl TV comedy. It is a pointed and specific political attack on Christianity and its moral agenda in America today.

History Repeats Itself

In 33 A.D. the vast majority of Jews were silent as their leaders had Christ crucified. In 2012 A.D. the vast majority of God’s people in America and Canada are silent as Christ and His church is mocked and reviled by Jewish ABC’s “Good Christian Bitches.”

Nearly 2000 years ago God’s people did not realize that their permission of evil would lead directly to God’s judgment; He allowed Roman armies to level Jerusalem and exile Jews to the nations. Today, God’s people are also permitting great evil. This will lead to Jewish-inspired persecutions, decimating the church as we know it.

Present failure of Christians and most of their “watchdog” organizations to protest and boycott GCB is a powerful index of the alarming level of apathy in Christianity today. Around 2800 years ago the prophet Isaiah described the same type of spiritual leadership: They “are dumb dogs who cannot bark.” (Isaiah 56:10). Jesus said that in the last days Christians will be hated by all men (Luke 21:17). How will Christianity fall to such a low level of respect that every last person hates Christians as much as the world hates Hitler now?

I believe there are at least three primary reasons, all related to Jewish power.

First, by the time this prophecy is fulfilled, international Jewish supremacist control has established uncontested dominance over the nations. Ezekiel 38-39 say a wicked Israel dwells safely in the land without need of conventional defenses. It is also said of her spiritual husband, the Beast, “…who is able to make war with him?” (Rev. 13:4) Talmudic Judaism has completed an ascent we are now witnessing. Someday we Gentiles, having lost all significant freedom, must be content with material gratification from the world commercial empire of Babylon the Great (See 'Babylon the Great' is Israel). It will be worse than futile to dissent. It will be suicide.

The enslaved world in their bondage and loss of freedom will remember how evangelical, Israel-first Christians helped build the impregnable walls of Babylon the Great. American Christians helped forge the chains which now bind mankind.   Thus, every last Gentile will abhor not only Jews but also the detested Christians.

Secondly, Christians will be hated because of how the American church has mistreated unbelievers, particularly as Pentecostal “prosperity” teachers and “healers” fleece gullible followers and as Calvinists live sinfully and preach that they have a “get out of hell free” card denied to the “unsaved” who commit the same sins.  Even now, Jewish media is capitalizing on the present decline of Christian integrity. Regretfully, we must admit that much of what GCB lampoons does exist. Apathetic, compromised evangelicals and their leaders present on a silver platter to Jewish media the material out of which to construct their own coffins.

Meanwhile, as we have witnessed over the past weeks, right-wing Christian “watchdog” groups are a dying breed. Their spiritual whoredom in bidding godspeed to evil Israel has rotted their souls. Terrified of offending ADL, they protest only in a Zionist/ADL-permitted way. Where can you find a person who will speak out against incessant, overwhelming assaults by Jewish media?  The once vibrant Christian/populist base that swept Reagan into office is so eroded by sin, divorce, materialism, heresy and downright apathy that “Christians” are losing all will to fight evil. The church is losing its youth to the world, as over 90 percent abandon the church after high school. Some 43 percent of evangelical teens engage in extramarital sex by age 19.

Calvinism—which teaches that sin is inevitable—is like acid. Christians are incapable of rebuking sin when they themselves practice it. Without the cleansing, inspiring, unifying practice of death to self, continuous trust in Jesus, and old-fashioned obedient holiness, Christianity is vacant. Unable to offer true spiritual transformation, it must compete with the world in offering sin management rather than sin eradication. This is obvious in the growth of Christian self-help strategies, addiction specialties and feel-good mega pastors like Joel Osteen. It is also obvious in the exit of youth, who can find tough-minded, worldly activists more committed and inspiring than Christians.

A final reason Christians will be persecuted in the last days is noble. In every age, there are true Christians whose holy lives bear witness against sin. The world hates these Christians for the same reasons it fed them to lions in Rome. The true gospel of Christ is hateful to sinful man because it asserts all are lost without Christ and must repent and give loyalty to Him as our Creator – or lose our souls in hell.

It will become much easier to hate and mock Christians because of the groundwork for persecution that GCB lays today.

We Seek a Greater Victory

American evangelicals have clearly, through silence and inaction, given permission for Hollywood Jews to mock and re-crucify our Lord for the next seven weeks. As such, it is doubtful that the church may ever be counted on again as a fighting force for truth and freedom.

What else can we hope in? Scripture makes it clear that God has tremendous respect for a very small remnant of faith who put their trust in Him and speak His truth fearlessly. Throughout Scripture He emphasizes that, for the sake of such believers, He will actually forestall judgment on the unworthy majority.

Rather than feel that all is lost if we cannot save America politically, the spiritual maturing of true believers is a very practical way to invite God’s favor and hold back evil. One of the very best ways to do this is by listening to the in-depth, online Bible studies at www.truthtellers.org.  Thousands are letting us help them find their way back to New Testament spirituality and power.

We do very well to spiritually prepare ourselves and our fellow Christians to respond to and survive persecution with grace, purity and power instead of panic. History has shown Christ’s true invisible church is most pure and spiritually vigorous within persecution, as in communist China today.

Even Jesus could not convince His chosen people, the Jews, to repent. Was He a failure? Hardly. Rejected by His own, He went forward boldly to accomplish something much more lasting and transcendent: bringing to others newness of spiritual life that redeems the here and now and gives us joy in heaven forever.

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Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. 

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