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Listen to Pike/Rense Skewer ENDA

By Rev. Ted Pike
7 Nov 13

With little time before final ENDA vote in the U.S. Senate, you may want to use my recent interview with Jeff Rense. (Listen below)  It clearly lays out where ENDA came from and its contemptible, freedom-destroying goals.  Gather your friends and listen to this challenging, 50-minute exchange, and then everyone call the wavering seven Republicans who might still see reason and abandon ENDA.

To a Senator, the message of your call is a reflection of 1000 constituents who feel like you but don't have the scratch to take action.  If enough people call protesting ENDA, there is still a chance that several Republican Senators will pull back from its support, dooming ENDA in the Senate and helping save freedom.


Listen Here:

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