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By Rev. Ted Pike
23 Oct 12

Pam Geller intended her bus ads, implying Muslims and Palestinians are “savage,” to deal a crippling blow to anti-Israel activism. The opposite is happening. By taking the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the streets of America, she is provoking widespread counter-advertisement on transit by pro-Palestinian groups. Local newspaper and internet swell the controversy, inviting an unprecedented public level of anti-Zionist argumentation and documentation. (See Pike's "Nuke Europe" Pam Geller Article Floods Internet)

With a Zionist as unstable in her logic and use of language as Geller at the helm (plus her past utterances advocating nuking Europe and in support of Norwegian mass-murderer Breivik), the Zionist propaganda machine finds itself with representation that could well be more disastrous than beneficial.

This is because Geller’s provocations and vulnerability are uncorking a massive underground volcano of public anger at the abuses and atrocities of Zionism. As this volcano erupts, spewing new truth into the blogosphere, its fiery embers of indignation start fires of truth and light everywhere that surrounds it.

These emergent fires are now too many for the Zionists to put out. Criticism of Israel is now being reported by Zionists as “overwhelming” on U.S. campuses.

Liberal Protestants Erupt Against Israel

Several weeks ago, a similar volcano of pent-up outrage broke forth when a coalition of liberal Christian denominations sent a letter to Congress demanding an end of aid to Israel. This provoked its own eruption of astonishment and outrage from Jewish groups that Christians should have the insulting temerity to make such a recommendation without first consulting the Jews. As a result, Jewish groups, including the Anti-Defamation League, now refuse to continue traditional participation in the Jewish-Christian Round Table. Scheduled to be held in NYC on Monday, it had to be cancelled.

The University of California Student Association at UC Berkley also expressed unilateral independence of thought and action against Zionism recently. In September, they secretly adopted a resolution condemning the nation of Israel of “racism.” The UC pro-Israel, Jewish coalition on campus was furious that something like that could happen – anti-Zionists taking action without first consulting Jews! (See Is "Anti-Semitic" Univ. of California a Lawbreaker?)

Rumblings of a Vital Volcano

More and more people, especially encouraged by candor about Zionism and Jewish control on the internet, are publically acting and speaking their minds against Jewish supremacy—presenting facts of history that cannot be effectively countered by Zionist apologists. They are doing so without fear of being labeled “anti-semitic,” i.e., speaking without Jewish permission.

They are also expressing primal anger at Israel’s human rights abuses and powers to repeatedly inveigle America into fighting no-win wars for Israel, spilling American blood to make the Mid-East even safer for Israel’s injustices.

Here in Portland, where Geller’s ads are currently displayed on public transit, the Oregon Area Jewish Committee complains that the ads, both pro and con, are meant to create “hate and confusion.” Actually, such a public forum, allowing graphic and incisive presentation of the issues is creating clarity as never before. At last, many are clearly perceiving the simple reality that the whole Mid-East conflict can be traced back to Israel’s violent expulsion of 800,000 Palestinians in 1948 into concentration camps, forbidding them to return.

Yes, such heated public dialogue is creating anger. Is such emotion dangerous?

As long as the anger remains an expression of righteous indignation and does not degenerate into anti-semitism (which claims that Jews are genetically degenerate and corruptive), such heat will only produce the light of truth. (See The "Bad Jewish Genes" Theory) As Senator Barry Goldwater said, “Passion in defense of liberty is no vice.”

Geller herself is proving much more “savage,” too much of a loose cannon on the decks of Zionism, for even the most “savage” of the Jewish attack groups (such as ADL/SPLC) to have confidence in. I predict that their disapproval of her, which may have been feigned, will soon become real. In fact, The Nation says:

In each city where the ads have appeared, individuals and organizations have denounced the placards, calling them out as the verbal cluster bombs they really are. In both San Francisco and New York, groups of bus and subway scribes garnished the ads with signs saying “racist” and “hate speech.” Interfaith groups have issued moving statements against them, and Sojourners, the Christian social justice organization, took out its own subway billboards, these ones saying, “Love Your Muslim Neighbor.” Even Fox News, which has been only too eager to shill for Geller in the past, deemed the ads “so inflammatory” that Happening Now, the network’s weekday news(ish) program, blocked out the word “savage” when showing viewers the ad.

Outrage has also erupted within the Jewish community, both within Zionist circles, for whom Geller often claims to speak, and without.

So, Pamela, thank you for helping uncork the vital volcano. Keep the ads coming!


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. 

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