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By Rev. Ted Pike
22 Oct 12 

Pamela Geller is a threat to the credibility of the right wing in America, which she claims to represent. She clearly intends to dominate anti-Muslim polemics for the right. Promoted by WorldNetDaily and other conservative media, pro-Zionist evangelicals now count her on the side of the angels. (See WorldNetDaily Promotes Racist Pam Geller)

Yet my recent article “Pam Geller: If Iran Attacks, Israel Should Nuke Europe” is showing high potential to slow her anti-Muslim bus ad campaign nationwide. As of today, 75 websites, blogs and forums have reprinted it.

Here in Portland, OR controversy over Geller’s pro-Israel vs. pro-Palestinian ads has raged all week. It has largely orbited around an article by Joseph Rose, columnist for Oregon’s largest daily, The Oregonian. Geller requested an interview with Rose which was an acerbic exchange, followed by Rose concluding: “…several readers from around the country called to remind me that it was Geller who once blogged Israel nuke Europe if Iran launches a nuclear strike.” He then links readers to Truthtellers.org.

In addition, although comments to his column were about evenly divided, several contributors posted powerful documentation, not only about Geller’s sympathies with Norwegian mass-murderer Breivik but also of Israel’s expulsions of Arabs from lands and property.

Rose suggests the possibility that Geller’s ad has generated widespread anger because of innuendo that Muslim Palestinians are “savage” versus “civilized” Israelis. He calls the ad "arguably inflammatory." “Her ‘pro-Israel’ ad…has stirred protests and calls for boycotts on transit systems around the country.” (See Israel Fits Geller's Description of "Savage")

With 75 (and more daily) internet sites now alerting the world of Geller’s fantastically violent impulses and sympathies, the chances of slowing her ad campaign to a stop are bright if you do what alert citizens did in Portland. As soon as Geller announces another bus ad campaign in her next city, email my article to the news desk of that city’s top newspapers.  Email your comments immediately after stories are run.

Geller is a mouthpiece for Israeli propaganda, with actual sympathies for Israel far above the Christian right. The limitations of her thinking, leadership, strategy, and even accurate use of language, however, are an increasing embarrassment to many Jews and Jewish big media which has tut-tutted over her racism but actually coddled her. There is an excellent chance that if we all do our part we can see big media flee her.

It’s time for Geller to pull back to a realm she is truly equal to command: her elegant, high-rise Manhattan apartment.


Example Bus Ad

This graphic, my parody of Geller’s bus ads, is not copyrighted. Please reproduce in any size and distribute as widely as possible.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. 

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