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By Rev.Ted Pike
27 Aug 12

It is essential for leaders of the anti-Zionist right to express, and truly believe, that all people groups have equal human value and human rights. Impressionable, potentially violent people hear our words. In any group of political or religious believers--like in any human population--there is a minority prone to acts of violence or psychopathy. This is true of the far right, where some think only acts of violence will bring attention to Jewish supremacist control of government.  An act of outrageous desecration and murder, they are convinced, could be the catalyst for revolution.

On the West Coast last year a chilling example of such violent instability was committed. Last week white supremacist David "Joey" Pedersen and his girlfriend, Holly Anne Grigsby, were indicted on four counts of murder.  They admitted these murders were only the beginning of their plan to travel to southern California and kill as many Jews as possible.

In this article I will share my thoughts concerning what must be the strategy of the anti-Zionist right to avoid murderous fanaticism by some who hear our message. 

The full story on Pedersen's past can be found online. Notably, in prison he absorbed racist and anti-Jewish white supremacist beliefs. These beliefs thrive in "white power" gangs in prisons.  Pedersen covered his body with tattoos of Hitler, Nazism and white supremacist symbols. He was not an idealist gone wrong. He was a hardened criminal; by age 31 he had been in prison for all but six months since age 16. Racial hatred became the central focus of his life.  Ultimately, it became his all-consuming mission to kill Jews, whom he believed were out to destroy the white race. He doubtless hopes, like other white supremacists who have resorted to violence, that his actions, capture, and even martyrdom will ignite the anti-Zionist right in revolution.

After murdering his parents, Pedersen rationalized other murders. His next victim was a devout Christian teen, Cody Faye Myers.  After stealing Myers' car, Pedersen killed him, rationalizing that, since his last name might have been Jewish, he was worthy of death.  The second was a black man, Reginald Alan Clark, whose death as a "racial inferior" was even less troubling to them.  Police soon recognized Myers'  stolen car and arrested them. 

They now face possible death sentences.

How Can We Prevent Creation of White Supremacist Terrorists?

A century ago pro-Zionist evangelical leaders carved in stone the edict that Jews would never be criticized.  That decision was predicated on the belief that facts about Jewish misdeeds, if delivered to hateful and unstable persons, would inevitably fuel Jew hatred, even persecution of "God's chosen people."  It is therefore incumbent upon Christians to only speak well of Jews, as protectors of God's ultimate plan to redeem a remnant of repentant Jews at Christ's coming.  Christian Zionists still believe God will curse anyone who speaks against Jews or Israel.  They believe this could stoke the fires of future holocausts.

Evangelicals can point to Pedersen and Grigsby as a textbook case of how dangerous it is to provide volatile haters with negative information concerning such issues as Jewish control of media, finances, domination of our government and Congress (with war-making powers in support of Israel), etc.  They can argue that if inflammatory information, even though true, was not provided to Pedersen and Grigsby, these brutal slayings might not have occurred.

Yet facts do not possess the power to corrupt; only evil manipulation of facts creates evil results. It is not the one who informs concerning the facts of Jewish supremacist assault against Christian civilization who is to blame for the Pedersens of the far right.  Much greater blame falls on those very evangelicals and their forefathers who, for the past century, have hidden the facts concerning the Zionist conspiracy. By forbidding all opposition to Zionism, they allowed Jewish political, financial, and media control to mushroom into a global threat.  A tiny minority will be fanatical to the point of being willing to die in senseless terrorist acts to oppose such staggering evil.

How Do We Find a Balance?

What is the logical, practical, and truly Christian response to the Zionist threat?  

We must continue to speak the whole truth. 

Truth is not negotiable or expendable.  Society must know as much of the facts as possible to make intelligent personal, social, and national decisions.  There is no such thing as "bad truth," justifying censorship.  (See, Zionist Evangelicals are World-Class Censors) On the contrary, as Jesus said, unpleasant as some truth may be, it is inherently redeeming and liberating.  "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." (John 8:32) 

The question is: How shall the truth about Jewish supremacism's malicious intentions be spoken?  Shall it be spoken in a way that points to Jewish moral errors which, for at least 2000 years, have led most Jews to think and act as they do -- as liberals and promoters of homosexuality, abortion and other left-wing causes?  Or do we dehumanize Jews as genetic misfits which the world would be better without?  

At www.truthtellers.org we point out that we cannot underestimate the magnitude of consequences that will result from evil moral decisions. As a 300-foot redwood grows from a seed less than a quarter inch long, so the initial moral decisions of men, tribes, and nations can result in enormous effects for good or evil. Such a decision by Lucifer against God contaminated the whole spiritual realm. Similarly, the moral decision by Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit created spiritual wreckage and confusion in the earth to this hour.  Thus, when a nation of Jews made the moral decision to put to death the Son of God, we can expect that choice to reverberate and pollute Judaism for over 2000 years. Every person--Jewish by blood or Gentile convert--who embraces the religion will be poisoned by it. Especially over the past several centuries, we have seen such original wickedness result in colossal outpourings of Judaism's wickedness on the nations.  Such bad fruit justifies Christ's description of Talmudic Judaism as the "church" or "synagogue of Satan" in this world (Rev. 2:9-10, 3:9). (See Jewish Activists Created Communism and Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish)

At www.truthtellers.org we do not believe Jews are genetically evil! Rather, each individual becomes evil or righteous through their own moral choices. We believe everything that may be wrong with a Talmudic Jew may also be made morally right in an instant by sincerely asking Christ's forgiveness and trusting and obeying Him for the rest of his life and forsaking allegiance to those who had Christ crucified, the Pharisees.

If our listeners accept our view of Jewish apostasy as moral, not genetic, then, righteously indignant as they may be, they will see the problem of Jewish antagonism to Christian civilization as ultimately an issue which will be resolved by God. He will judge Babylon the Great, bringing Jews into the worst "great tribulation" any people have ever endured. But may we never be instruments of that persecution!

Christ alone, not the sword or gun of man, can be counted on to put things right. (See 'Babylon the Great' is Israel)


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. 

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