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By Rev. Ted Pike
10 Oct 11

Jewish media tried to describe it as a victory that Pres. Obama betrayed his 2010 promise to support a UN vote for Palestinian statehood. They gave the impression that the international community now backs Israel’s demand for renewed Israel-Palestinian negotiations not a Palestinian seat at the UN. This impression was reinforced by Congress’s resolution last week that $200 million in aid will stop if the Palestinians hold to their bid for statehood.

Yet sympathy for the Palestinian cause erupted dramatically last week in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) executive board. Of its 58 members, 40 voted in favor a Palestinian seat in the UN. Fourteen abstained and only four voted against it (including the US). As this proves, political backstabbing against the beleaguered Palestinians will not diminish their case. Obama’s treachery may well fuel the flames of worldwide righteous indignation against the Jewish state. The Palestinians are almost certain to be defeated in the upcoming UN Security Council vote. Yet the UNESCO vote provides a dramatic straw poll of potentially overwhelming support for their position. Should a vote also be submitted to the UN General Assembly, estimates say 120 to 150 nations will vote in favor of Palestinian statehood.

Israel’s PR Quagmire

Meanwhile Israel, deeply mired in international disfavor because of her crimes against the Palestinians, seems paralyzed—unable to do anything that could revive even a hint of the idealistic admiration it once accepted as its right. The Israeli government’s attention is actually drawn away from international “anti-Semitism” by the threat of nearly out-of-control violence and insubordination among its militantly anti-Palestinian ultra-Orthodox settlers.

The “haredi” are inflamed by rabbinic authorities who now sanction destruction of Palestinian property and even murder of innocent Palestinians. (See, Homicidal Rabbi Finds Wide Support in Israel) Their Ultra-Orthodox followers are a loose cannon of bad press, scandal and disgrace for Israel. A Ha’aretz article recently headlined, “A Racist, Messianic Rabbi is the Ruler of Israel.” A previous article said the Haredi in the West Bank and East Jerusalem are now a distinctly separate legal and political system unto themselves, beyond effective restraint from Tel Aviv. Recently they have vandalized two mosques and, in a nighttime raid, destroyed or uprooted two hundred Palestinian olive trees so vital to the struggling Palestinian economy. This has forced Prime Minister Netanyahu, as well as ADL, to castigate fellow Israelis, not the goyim—a welcome change!

Officers serving in the West Bank have reported recently that tensions between security forces and settlers are on the rise. According to one senior office, ‘the security forces spend more time dealing with incidents involving Israeli citizens than confronting Palestinian terrorism.’
The Gush Shilo area has recently become one of the main friction points between Israeli security forces and settlers. Over the past few weeks, settlers have been attacking Palestinian farmers’ property in the nearby village of Qusra, almost on a daily basis. On Thursday morning, villagers discovered some two hundred olive and fig trees were uprooted or damaged throughout the night.
According to a recent Shin Bet security service report, right-wing extremists no longer appear to need a trigger to take action, while the targets of the violence are also widening—military vehicles at an IDF base near Ramallah have been vandalized and threatening graffiti was sprayed onto the apartment door of a left-wing activist. Attacks on Arabs and their property are carried out when the opportunity arises, the Shin Bet officials add. (A recent version of this article adds, “IDF data indicates that, over the last year, most incidents of settler-Palestinian violence in that area were indeed perpetrated by settlers, hitting a peak with last month's torching of the Qusra mosque.”
(Haaretz.com Settlers surround, assault IDF troops during West Bank patrol, Oct 7, 2011)

An ancient saying says “those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” It appears great forces from heaven and earth are working to restrain “the Great Harlot,” Israel, from dominion of the nations (See 'Babylon the Great' is Israel). Every Christian and lover of freedom should not only rejoice to see this but speak even more boldly in righteous indignation.

When Napoleon invaded Russia, thinking he was invincible, he was taught otherwise by the Russian winter and even refusal of the Russian army to fight. As he and his frozen, dwindling army retreated, the saber-slashing Cossack cavalry harried him mercilessly all the way back to western Europe. This is what we must do now, ideologically, with unprecedented vigor. For the first time in a century, preoccupied by criticism from scores of western governments, the ADL is virtually impotent to attack private citizens who criticize Jewish matters. World opinion is on the side of truth and compassion. The Zionist-first evangelicals, impoverished of articulate defense of Israel, must be content to herd behind opportunistic babblers such as Beck, Hagee and Farah. (See, Farah's Callous "Final Solution" for Palestine)

It’s time for Christian truthtellers to seize the moral high ground, intellectually driving out the Zionist aliens. As David said, “Arise Lord and let thine enemies be scattered!” Clearly, God is scattering the power of Babylon in our time. It’s up to us, like the Cossacks, to give chase.



Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. 

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