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By Rev. Ted Pike
28 July 11

In January, when Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot by crazed, Satanic gunman Jared Loughner, the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center rushed to judgment that he was influenced by the potentially violent, “hateful” religious and political right. Yet ADL/SPLC’s exaggerated suspicions proved without substance.

Now, ADL again strains to implicate conservatives in the Norwegian shooting by gunman Andrew Behring Breivik. ADL: “Breivik’s focus on ‘left-wing’ multi-culturalists destroying white European culture in favor of minority cultures such as the Muslim community is common among the far-right and the groups that straddle the far right of conservative worlds in the US. They blame the government, universities and the media for promoting diversity and minority cultures over European or American culture and accuse them of undermining ‘Western civilization’ or European-American values.” (ADL.org, ADL: Norwegian Terrorist Motivated By Growing Extremist Ideology In Europe And The U.S.)

ADL could be referring to U.S. right-wing groups further to the right than the Christian/conservative mainstream. Such groups include the millions who patronize alternative talk radio and internet. Yet, ADL's description of anti-Islamic conservatives who blame "left-wing multiculturalists," "the government, universities and the media for promoting diversity and minority cultures over…American culture," "undermining Christian civilization," could not more perfectly describe sentiments of the largest evangelical "watchdog" groups. These include Focus on the Family, American Family Association, Family Research Council, etc. as well as Tea Party and immigration-reform organizations.

ADL is saying that Christian/conservative thinkers who view militant Islam as a conspiracy play a large role in providing "lone wolf" terrorists like Breivik with inflammatory ideas that can trigger homicidal violence.

With this in mind, ADL's Abe Foxman warns to be wary of anti-Muslim Israel lovers. "Jews, Israelis and supporters of Israel must beware, must be careful, and cannot ignore or embrace those bigots who so much hate Muslims and Islam that they pretend to support Israel, Zionism and even Jews. Likewise, those bigots and haters cannot immunize themselves by pretending to embrace Israel. We need to be very clear, as Jews and Israelis, that we separate ourselves from this kind of hatred, stereotyping and scapegoating. The Norway killer’s ramblings are a reminder that we must always be wary of those whose love for the Jewish people is born out of hatred of Muslims or Arabs."

Why does ADL turn upon and vilify the very millions of "Israel-first" conservatives who are Israel's best allies, yet also anti-Muslim? It's because ADL will take any opportunity to portray the religious right as hateful and bigoted—potential hate criminals!

Of course, Israel and its PR-rep ADL have been, at least for the past century, anti-Arab/Muslim. But if by posturing as protective of Muslim rights, ADL can cast anti-Muslim Christians as haters, then ADL, ever the far-seeing strategist, will not pass up the opportunity. Literally everything ADL does in promoting homosexuality, evolution, pornography, abortion and radical feminism, unrestrained immigration, and hate laws is directed toward one horrific goal—destruction of Christian civilization and criminalization of Christianity.

Breivik, like the rest of us, living in a world of ideas, is influenced by such ideas. But if he is sane, he and only he is responsible for the premeditation and carrying out of the horrendous murder of possibly 98 people.

But don't expect ADL to be satisfied with such a prosaic, unimaginative explanation, any more than ADL/SPLC was satisfied by the facts in the Giffords' shooting. When you are obsessed that an army of potentially homicidal, radical right-wingers lurk behind every bush, you will try to connect the lone wolf with the right-wing pack.

ADL wants us to believe the very existence of intolerant ideas in the world is intolerable. ADL says it is the role of government to remove, by force if necessary, the influence of such ideas, lest they stimulate thoughts which might lead to bigotry or even violence. This is the whole rationale behind ADL thought and hate crimes philosophy and laws, now permeating the Western world.

ADL remains frustrated that over the past decades only lone terrorists commit the acts it wishes it could directly blame on the collective right. Until an actual organization on the right is proven to be involved in such violence, ADL/SPLC must be content to remain the left’s most imaginative conspiracy theorists.



Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. 

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