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By Rev. Ted Pike
17 Jan 11

It is now more than a week since Jared Loughner’s fusillade of gunfire shattered the political landscape. Today, there is still no evidence Loughner was significantly influenced by “uncivil” right-wing rhetoric. He is reportedly an angry, pot-smoking, mentally ill, Jewish Satanist acting out his own violent fantasies. Yet national response revolves around “uncivil” discourse from the right! This misuse of the tragedy was jumpstarted not only by rash accusations by Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik but by the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center, two of the most powerful Christian-accusing Jewish supremacist groups. You would never learn their role from most commentary on all mainstream media; but within a day of the shooting, ADL and SPLC had already scripted the national conversation, teaching us false lessons they wanted us to learn.

That Sunday night, ADL's media alert asserted that religious right/Tea Party “incivility” should be a top suspect for influencing the violence. (See, ADL/SPLC: 'Incivility' of Right Probably Prompted AZ Shooting) Even earlier, Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok, on MSNBC, claimed there is much evidence that Loughner was influenced by the radical/conservative right.

Potok said there is a thread running through Loughner’s thoughts making it “pretty clear” he saw the government as the enemy. Books owned by Loughner, Potok alleges, carried a theme of anti-government sentiment. The madman admires Ayn Rand, high priestess of libertarian conservatives. He wants a return to gold and silver currency and wants government controls on grammar, an idea Potok claims “exists on the radical right." Loughner advocated for “conscience dreaming,” which Potok alleges is “almost certainly conscious dreaming,” which he says is a popular idea espoused by British controversialist David Icke. Loughner wanted to burn the flag, a desire Potok falsely alleges is shared by many on the radical right. He also believes our government is treasonous, as does the radical right, and that the government is involved in mind control. Like Sheriff Dupnik, Potok thinks the “white-hot” vitriol of the right makes it “not entirely surprising that Loughner acted out violently.” He wanted to harm politicians; he resembled Joe Stack whose anti-IRS rage caused him to fly into an Austin IRS building. Potok likens Loughner’s gunfire to the bricks thrown through the windows of Democrat offices, including Gabrielle Giffords' (presumably by anti-healthcare activists). Finally, the SPLC intelligence project director says there can be no exoneration for those who use charged imagery like Palin’s crosshairs, inflaming the disturbed. (See MSNBC Video with Potok)

In retrospect, none of Potok's accusations and innuendoes has been confirmed to accurately describe Loughner as significantly influenced by the right. Instead, he has been increasingly revealed to be a liberal-leaning Jew whose motives for shooting Giffords may have stemmed from reasons entirely unrelated to right-wing influences, perhaps from his family's association with Giffords as members of the same synagogue! (See Texe Marrs' Jared Loughner Is A Liberal Jewish Satanist)

MSNBC always interviews Mark Potok when there is any possibility of casting suspicion on the right. The powerful cable news channel is presided over by NBC/Universal president and CEO, Jewish Jeff Zukor. (Zukor produced NBC's “Book of Daniel” comedy, mocking a degenerate "Christian" family.) (See, Who's Behind NBC's "Book of Daniel?") Empowering Potok to influence a vast American audience, MSNBC pivotally encouraged the misdirected national debate this week. It continues to mock the religious right, especially the rampant “bigotry” of conservative Arizona.

The premature attack by Jewish media, ADL and SPLC must have been known to conservative voices like Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, WorldNetDaily, American Family Association, and National Review. While there is some emerging willingness to criticize SPLC when it attacks the right there is never any criticism of ADL. Both of these Jewish muscle groups enjoy complete absence of identification by the religious right as Jewish. Conservative leaders fear such would sound “anti-Semitic” – opening up the whole right wing to ADL/SPLC vilification. As a result they have made little mention, if any, of these Jewish supremacist groups.

Once again, ADL and SPLC escape moral prosecution by Christians and the American people.

It hasn’t been proven Loughner read WND, listened to conservative talk radio, subscribed to Human Events or supported Sarah Palin. If he had, there would be a much greater firestorm of accusation from Jewish attack groups. They and Jewish-dominated media might have successfully seized this opportunity to “prove” that the right breeds violence. This could have led to legislation to cripple and silence the "violent" right. (See, Jews Confirm Big Media is Jewish) But there was no substantive evidence, and soon a national conservative backlash against “Democrats” forced ADL to merely pontificate against “hate” and petition Congress for increased “civility.” Foxman could only express pious disappointment at Sarah Palin's description of the left's attack as "blood libel."

But the right again squandered (and still squanders) the perfect opportunity to expose ADL and SPLC, bitterest enemies of Christianity and freedom. Even now, the right could justifiably point out these groups’ baseless, vicious rush to judgement incites the very incivility against which they moralize. Instead, the religious right directs public anger against an amorphous target: the political “left.”

Millennia ago, the Syrians repeatedly threatened to overwhelm and destroy the tiny nation of Israel. Finally, the Hebrew king Ahab defeated Syrian king Benhadad through God’s miraculous intervention. Benhadad begged for mercy. Ahab naively spared his life, empowering them to launch new offensives in the following years. King Ahab's dereliction of duty did not escape notice by God or His prophet: “Because you have let go out of your hand the man whom I had devoted to destruction, therefore, your life shall go for his life and your people for his people.” (I Kings 20:31-43) Like Ahab, the Christian/conservative right is letting ADL and SPLC go free to continue their religious, ethnic blitz against Christian freedom and culture.

Jesus did not let the Pharisees, the spiritual ancestors of Jewish supremacists, escape His condemnation. He denounced them to their faces in the most "uncivil" way, vilifying them publicly as "hypocrites…whited sepulchers full of dead men's bones," and with other language which reverberates in its caustic condemnation.

What is the right course of action for Christian leaders, media, even laymen (all who claim to follow Jesus and the Bible) in these dangerous and controversial times?

Follow the Bible. The religious right must pattern itself after Jesus and stop protecting ADL from criticism, as Ahab protected Benhadad. Otherwise, the same sentence of judgment will be upon them.

Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. 

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