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By Rev. Ted Pike

The Ford Motor Company is making it clear that it encourages sodomy in all its "diversity." Such diversity must include not only male homosexuality and lesbianism but such aberrations as transvestitism and sadomasochism.

It also includes that obsession which has existed within a large segment of male homosexuals from the time of the ancient Greeks: pederasty -- sex with underage boys.

Since Ford is so open-minded toward homosexuality, potential buyers of Ford should be equally open to the full range of Ford vehicles they can boycott. These include Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Volvo, Jaguar, Mazda, Land Rover, and Aston Martin.

Does boycott of these Ford products seem intolerant? You bet! Christians and Americans should make it clear that, since Ford does not respect the moral values of most of its customers, these customers will be "intolerant" of a Ford-produced vehicle in their garage.

For more information email Guy Adams, deputy grassroots director, at GuyAdams@RenewAmerica.us.

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