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Hear Rev. Ted Pike and Alex Jones Discuss How

By Rev. Ted Pike
22 July 09

Lovers of freedom have one more powerful opportunity to kill the federal hate crimes bill, now attached to the Defense Appropriations Act.  Pres. Obama has vowed to veto an arms bill/hate bill package that provides funding for an extra 7 to 12 Raptor jets. The defense contracting lobby and workers in 44 states will be lobbying hard this summer and fall to add those jets to the military appropriations bill. This could happen in conference between the House and the Senate in September.

Alex Jones has asked me to explain how patriots can now join with this powerful pro-Raptor lobby to create an arms bill that is offensive to the President. If Obama remains true to his promise and vetoes the arms bill, the hate bill amendment would be destroyed, probably for this session of Congress.

Call your friends and listen! Then take action! My latest e-alert "We Might Still Kill the Hate Bill!" at www.truthtellers.org will tell you how.

When: 10:30 am PDT, Thursday, July 23

Where: www.GCNlive.com




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