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National Prayer Network


By Rev. Ted Pike
5 Dec 06

With Congress back in session, it’s time for the American people to raise a holy howl of protest against the soon-to-be-reintroduced federal “anti-hate” bill. If a chorus of protest does not erupt now against this impending darkness, we may never have another chance.

The Democrat-controlled Congress is sure to pass this bill. If passed, this Orwellian legislation will almost certainly be signed by the President. When that happens, America will unite with Canada, Australia and most European countries in a worldwide “thought crimes” confederation. Such control over the thoughts and speech of all mankind is the very definition of world conquest for those behind this legislation—ADL and its parent organization, B’nai B’rith International.

We stand at a precipice. Below is a chasm of unimaginable darkness. If we do not turn America back now, while she still honors dissent, America will never be saved tomorrow, as a nation that outlaws free speech.

Battle Plan

Here’s the battle plan to back ADL down. We want to threaten them with such exposure and public outrage that they won’t even introduce this freedom-stealing legislation this year.

  1. Begin toll-free phone calls to Congress immediately. Visit www.truthtellers.org for the complete list of members of the new Congress. Set aside 15 minutes a day (before work or during lunch) to call toll-free 1-877-851-6437 or 1-866-340-9281 (toll is 1-202-225-3121).

    Leave this message: "Please don’t vote for 'anti-hate' legislation. Hate laws have taken away free speech in Canada and most European countries." Don’t hang up. Ask to be transferred to the next member of Congress on the list. In 15 minutes a day for only seven weeks, you can make your voice heard to every member of Congress.

    Congress adjourns for Christmas recess after Friday, Dec. 8. Calling may be resumed January 3. At that time the 60-plus new members of Congress may also be reached through the capitol hotline.

  2. Download my readymade flyer against hate laws. Print out separately, paste both sides back to back, and have copies made at your local print shop. Distribute as widely as possible, especially to leaders, broadcasters, newspapers, and members of Congress and state legislatures. Post on the internet.

  3. Also, please financially support the National Prayer Network. Our work is made possible by the sale of books and videos and by tax-deductible donations from those who appreciate our vital role in saving freedom. During the past week, as director, I have been interviewed on 10 national radio talk shows. I will be interviewed on many more in the weeks of battle ahead. This Christmastime, we desperately need your largest financial gift to keep us in this 11th-hour battle for freedom. Only very rarely have we appealed for financial help, but unless funds are immediately forthcoming, I will be seriously hampered in the time I can devote to spearheading national efforts to save freedom for your children and grandchildren. Your tax-deductible contributions can be made at www.truthtellers.org, sent to PO Box 828, Clackamas OR, 97015 or by credit card at 503-631-3808.

Against all odds, Divine intervention plus massive protest to Congress defeated the hate bill three times in the last two years. With God’s help and your activism, it can be defeated again!


Preview of Flyer against Hate Laws:

Download Printable Version Here


National Prayer Network, P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015




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