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By Rev. Ted Pike

Federal "anti-hate" legislation which would lead to an end of free speech has nearly passed five times since 1998. Incredibly, no consistent education against hate laws has been offered by large national Christian/conservative organizations. That may be changing.

Concerned Women for America has just blanketed the nation with a hard-hitting, 8-page email report, "Hate Crimes Laws Threaten Religious Freedom." Filled with excellent arguments and up-to-date examples of Christians under siege by hate laws worldwide, CWA is taking long overdue leadership to warn the woefully ignorant religious right. (Read at www.cwfa.org.)

It comes not a moment too soon. The communication empires of the religious right, including TV, radio, and publishing, are prime targets for demolition by hate laws.

The Religious Right Takes Action

The religious right was completely taken off guard on September 14, 2005 when the Republican House, historically opposed to hate legislation, actually passed a federal hate bill, Amendment 2662, in only 45 minutes. Beverly LaHaye, chairman of CWA, gasped that this occurred "inexplicably." Yet just a year earlier, the House had voted by a symbolic, nonbinding procedural motion in favor of the same bill, 213 to 186. The majority of the House was only waiting for an opportunity to cast their actual vote.

Immediately after House passage of Amendment 2662, the new right took action. Dr. James Dobson warned against the hate bill on several of his radio programs. CWA sent out alerts. Other new right organizations helped sound the alarm. In fact, serious articles against the hate bill appeared in print for virtually the first time in the Christian conservative media. World Net Daily, which has faithfully provided vital reporting on hate crimes legislation and abuses, published at least four articles, including one by Dr. Jerry Falwell.

At long last the slumbering evangelical giant seemed to be awakening! In the ensuing weeks, Christian media forces were able to marshal a tidal wave of opposition to the hate bill. They were immeasurably assisted by a barrage of talk shows against hate crimes legislation heard on "far right" alternative talk radio, especially the Genesis and Republic radio networks. Such cooperation between the religious right and the more secular far right helped defeat the hate bill in the Senate Judiciary on October 24, 2005. With adjournment of Congress, the federal hate bill of 2005 was officially dead.

Only Half of the Truth

Unfortunately, in all the articles by the conservative right that I have so gratefully read, there is something missing: the whole truth. They never mention the gargantuan role of ADL/B'nai B'rith as the architects of hate laws worldwide. This is remarkable since a quick search will uncover the truth at www.adl.org where ADL boasts of their invention of hate crimes legislation going back to the seminal Hofstra conference in 1988.

Why does the new right not tell us the whole truth? Omitting the role of ADL/B'nai B'rith as inventors of hate laws is a little like writing a history of aviation and neglecting to mention the Wright brothers.

The truth is, while avowing passionate love for Jews, evangelical leaders are terrified of ADL's legendary ability to defame and ruin their critics. Also, as Christian pro-Zionists, they labor under the false idea that "blessing" Israel and "seeking the peace of Jerusalem" means suppressing dark truths about Israel and her leaders. They fear these truths might stimulate anti-Semitism, incurring God's curse upon them.

In reality, shielding B'nai B'rith from criticism only increases peril for the Jewish people. The anti-Christianity and freedom-stealing hate laws of ADL/B'nai B'rith fuel mounting anti-Jewish sentiment. Protecting ADL/B'nai B'rith from exposure and restraint does not bless the Jewish people. It curses them!

Bless God's Chosen People By Speaking the Truth

As an evangelical Christian, I believe God has a loving destiny for the Jewish people. This will culminate with conversion of a remnant of Jews at Christ's second coming. Like Paul, I say, "My heart's desire and prayer for Israel is that they might be saved" (Rom. 10:1). The welfare and safety of the Jewish people should be the desire of every Christian.

The testimony of Scripture is that God does not bless the rebellious in the way they might wish. Instead, He brings the blessing of reproof in an effort to save them from an eternity in hell. Using the Hebrew prophets, John the Baptist, and our Lord as my pattern, I unsparingly rebuke evil Jewish leadership for their militant hatred of Christianity and worldwide persecution of Christians under hate laws. These are Israel's "blind guides." Throughout history, their hatred of Christians and Gentiles has incited anti-Semitism and persecution of the Jewish people. On 200 talk show interviews over the past 18 months, I have striven for Biblical balance: I never forget God's ultimate benevolent destiny for a repentant Jewish remnant, yet I castigate evil Jewish leaders for their sins and oppressions.

Have the fruits of my emphasis been good or evil? Have I blessed Israel or cursed her? Consider the record.

On October 10, 2004 ADL national executive board member and Philadelphia district attorney Lynne Abraham jailed 11 Christians in Philadelphia for the "hate crime" of witnessing to homosexuals during a public gay pride event. I attempted to respond as the prophet Ezekiel would have. God told him to sound the trumpet from the highest wall, proclaiming the identity of the enemy that was coming (Ezek. 33). In my case, such a high place was alternative talk radio and TV. I bore witness against Lynne Abraham and the ADL across the airwaves to millions of listeners.

Why did I make such an issue of her Jewishness and the fact that the ADL had authorized her to persecute Christians? I wanted to create a wedge between brainwashed evangelicals and their ADL/B'nai B'rith Zionist cult leaders. I also wanted to embarrass world Jewry. Perhaps they would pressure ADL/B'nai B'rith to slow down their anti-Christian agenda.

It worked. Lynne Abraham and ADL were put on such an international hot seat that apparently they were relieved when Judge Pamela Dembe disgustedly dismissed the case; they didn't protest.

I am convinced this Divine deliverance was possible only because the Biblical approach of reproof and truth-telling was taken. If I had followed the traditional evangelical "hands off the Jews" approach, hiding the truth, the Philly 11 might even now be embroiled in the Philadelphia hate crimes system.

Defeat of Hate Bill Subdues Anti-Semitism

On September 14, 2005 when the House passed the federal hate bill with blitzkrieg rapidity, it seemed that victory at last belonged to ADL. With Senate Judiciary members in favor of the hate bill 10 to 8, Senator Kennedy's Senate version, S.1145, seemed sure to win in the Senate. The previous year the Senate had passed Kennedy's bill overwhelmingly 65 to 33.

Yet in that crisis moment, I again strove to follow more closely than ever the Biblical command to, "Speak the words that I have commanded .... Do not omit a word!" (Jer. 1:2) Providentially, dozens of courageous talk show hosts nationwide allowed me to inform millions of the ADL-hate laws connection. They continued to warn against hate laws on many other programs. My website, www.truthtellers.org, with many articles critical of ADL, dominated the discussion of the federal hate bill on the Internet. What happened next was beyond belief.

Kennedy, primary champion of hate law legislation for the past 18 years, snubbed ADL. In exchange for Republican weakening of anti-pedophile legislation, he abandoned certain hate law victory in the Senate. In a reversal of fate, which in my opinion is only exceeded by defeat of the Spanish Armada, he gave up allegiance to ADL and responsibility to carry the torch for their hate bill.


I believe that saturation calls to the Senate by conservatives made it clear to Kennedy that hate crimes legislation is not popular with Americans. The high volume of educated communications that linked ADL with hate laws may have encouraged Kennedy and senators of the Judiciary Committee to abandon an increasingly foundering "hate laws" ship.

Speaking the whole truth about ADL's origination of the hate bill was crucial to its defeat. Putting ADL in the spotlight both in Philadelphia and as architect of the federal hate bill played a critical role in slowing its agenda and causing senators to be embarrassed by association with ADL.

ADL's Worst Nightmare

In fact, ADL was so nervous about public scrutiny of their hate bill that they ordered a national media blackout of their spectacular win in the House. They wanted hate legislation passed secretly, behind closed doors, without the awareness or the consensus of the American people. To invite public interest would stimulate tens of thousands of Google searches. They would quickly arrive at www.truthtellers.org and many other locations where my blistering articles linked ADL and hate laws with the end of free speech.

ADL could not hold press conferences or generate national publicity in favor of their hate bill. They could not effectively solicit calls and emails from liberals and homosexuals to counter those by the religious right. Forces against the hate bill were in the driver's seat; ADL was in the trunk.

Have the Jewish people been blessed or cursed by exposure of their leaders? You be the judge. If ADL's hate bill had passed, with millions of Americans now understanding its Jewish origins, the result would have been a staggering backlash against all things Jewish, good and bad. Like Christians, Orthodox Jews, increasingly critical of Zionist legitimacy and abuses, and Messianic Jews would have suffered restriction of free speech. Because evil Jewish leadership was Biblically exposed and reproved, such anti-Semitism and loss of freedom have not materialized. Jews have been preserved and blessed. And ... no Divine curse has descended upon me!

What's Coming Next?

Although defeated for the fifth time, ADL has vowed it will never give up until it has made America into a hate crimes bureaucracy like Canada, effectively ending free speech.

Last winter ADL reintroduced its hate bill on January 6, 2005. Can we expect ADL to try again soon? Absolutely!

ADL still has overwhelming support for their hate bill in Congress. I was told by a highly knowledgeable Senate Judiciary Committee lawyer that such support has remained virtually unchanged in the Senate. Despite modest defections, ADL has cemented a pro-hate bill coalition which would easily pass the hate bill if a vote were called this January. Having invested so much in federal hate legislation, ADL is more determined than ever to sneak it through.

I am immeasurably relieved that Concerned Women for America is at last seriously educating the religious right concerning hate laws.

But will they and other mainline conservative watchdog groups be content to merely react to ADL/B'nai B'rith's offensives and ultimately lose freedom? Or, like Jesus, will they dare to go on the offensive? Only by specific criticism of ADL can their power to victimize America and the Jewish people be overthrown.

One thing is certain: No group is less worthy of protection by Christians than the evil ADL.

Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. His unprecedented 80-minute video, "Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians," is available at www.truthtellers.org for $24.90, by calling 503-631-3808, or at the address below.

For many more articles on Zionism and hate crimes laws, visit www.truthtellers.org.

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