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By Rev. Ted Pike
2 Mar 12

A sweep of websites of the largest traditional Christian "watchdog" groups reveals a total absence of warning or protest of Disney/ABC's comedy "Good Christian Bitches" (GCB). It portrays Christian women as petty and immoral, vindictive hypocrites.

Some of these organizations receive from evangelicals many millions of dollars annually. They claim they can be depended upon to guard freedom. They include: Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, American Family Association, Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), Traditional Values Coalition, Coral Ridge Ministries, and WorldNetDaily.

Is the fact that Disney/ABC is so conspicuously owned and controlled by Jews and that criticism of Jews might be considered "anti-Semitic" an important reason why these Christian Zionist groups are silent? I don’t know. I hope not.

But that certainly was the case when I had to marshal opposition, largely single-handedly, against passage of the federal hate crimes bill.  Because I had identified the Anti-Defamation League as architect of all hate laws (of which ADL boasts), some evangelical leadership groups were extremely reluctant to either oppose such Jewish legislation or be aligned with me. After all, I had opposed Jewish hate laws. The ADL considered me "anti-Semitic."

This leaves the topic "Good Christian Bitches" on Google wide open for me to write a number of very educational articles. I will be commenting on episodes of GCB (if it is aired) and documenting the Jews behind this outrage.

More than ever, it is vital to focus public attention on Jewish supremacist control in government, finance, hate laws, education, and big media as well as involving America in wars in the Mid-East. Such Jewish mega-control is the fountain from which springs most of what's wrong with America.

Jewish supremacist audacity in ramming another desecration of Christianity down our throats is no reason to lie down and let such Jews trample us and our Savior.  Instead, God, the Jews, and the devil have again delivered to lovers of freedom a golden opportunity to trumpet across the internet and alternative airways this all-important fact: Jewish supremacism controls America and is determined to destroy freedom so its own Judaic one-world order may be established.

It's vital now that you call Disney/ABC at (818) 460-7477 or email at http://abc.go.com/site/contact-us.

Tell them: "Your "GCB" is an insult to Christian America. I demand that you cancel it. Otherwise, I and my friends will boycott any Disney movies and (insert the name of the Disney theme park in your region)."

Here are the Disney parks in America:
Theme parks:

Water parks:

Other parks:

Shopping, dining and entertainment complex:

GCB doesn't air until Sunday night.   Let's dump an avalanche of protest on Disney/ABC today!  Let's let them know that, if they don't pull back, we're not pulling back either until every Christian in America knows big media is Jewish and is out to destroy America.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. 

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