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By Rev. Ted Pike
9 Dec 09

For nearly a century, the existence of ADL (Anti-Defamation League) has been unmentionable in public statements by Christian/conservative leaders. The ACLU may be freely vilified and also, of late, the Southern Poverty Law Center. But ADL, the ultimate predator upon Christian values and American freedoms, has a reputation for zero tolerance of criticism from those in high leadership. Like a killer whale erupting through an ice flow, propelling the scattering seals into terrified flight, ADL, if provoked, can explode in rage, roaring, "Anti-Semite!" The threat of such repercussion sends waves of terror through religious and political leaders.

Although our leaders are acutely aware of ADL, they do their best to placate the monster, granting its desire for exemption from scrutiny. That's why they have never told you of such enormous danger.

But now two influential insiders of the religious right have done something revolutionary: they have turned and fought back, speaking out against ADL publicly on the internet and airwaves.

The first to break the silence is radio host and Christian activist/evangelist Dave Daubenmire. A former 25-year high school coach, Daubenmire is a rising all-American, second tier evangelical leader who has been featured by CBS, MSNBC, and others on a number of major political programs -- including defending faith and freedom as a guest of Geraldo Rivera. He is a regular featured writer for WorldNetDaily and NewsWithViews. (His website is www.coachdavelive.com) He has also been quietly reading my e-alerts for the past four years. Recently, in an unprecedented 50-minute broadcast with me, he declared his opposition to ADL. He enthusiastically agrees with my explanation of why Christian America is losing our God-given freedoms and what can be done to redeem them.

Second is Joseph Farah, owner of WorldNetDaily. In a special WorldNetDaily Exclusive Commentary on November 21, 2009 entitled "The ADL Targets WND," Farah says, "…the ADL is after me and my news organization." Farah suggests ADL would love to brand him anti-Semitic, along with tea party, town hall, and anti-Obama protesters, for simply being anti-liberal, criticizing the left-wing direction Obama and the Democrats are taking the nation. He says,

"If that's the new definition of anti-Semitism in America, I guess I am one…

But I won't be lonely, according to the ADL's sweeping indictment of what has become popular American opinion.

Anyone who participated in a tea party is one also. Anyone who got raucous at a town hall meeting is one, too.

Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., is one for shouting, "You lie," to the president even though he apologized and even though he was right in his initial statement.

Glenn Beck is one for "raising anxiety about and distrust toward the government."

But, as for me, my biggest "hate crime" appears to be the fact that I have continued to ask a question that few others in the media have been willing to ask -- "Where's the birth certificate?"

Did you know that is, according to the ADL, a sign of being a hate monger and an anti-Semite?

It's also an expression of "anti-government hostility or anger" and serves to proliferate "anti-government conspiracy theories."

He concludes by saying of ADL,

"Maybe they are too busy looking for anti-Semites under their beds to have forgotten the First Amendment protections of the press were specifically written and ratified by the founders because they were suspicious of the government as I am -- maybe even more so."

"So, where do I turn myself in for the show trial?"

Daubenmire and Farah reflect the new openness in America to boldly consider where the pro-gay, abortion, pornography and hate law momentum in the media, education and Congress is really coming from. They are speaking out because, clearly, it is no longer sufficient to decry the usual villains: liberals, secular humanists, one-worlders, etc. Traditional right-wing opposition to nebulous left-wing groups has not significantly impeded advance of a global cancer of anti-Christianity and pro-homosexuality. It's long overdue to probe deeper, asking questions that previously have been considered too controversial -- even if ADL screams, "Anti-Semitism!"

In my discussion with Coach Daubenmire, we arrive at new, workable, and biblically sound answers and solutions. But they are definitely not what you will hear in the mainstream of either left or right. Nevertheless, now more than ever, telling the whole, undiminished truth and acting upon it is the only effective way to take back America.

What if you wanted to become a fighter pilot, yet because of the desire of politicians to not offend the enemy you were only permitted to learn half the facts about how to fly an airplane, aerial tactics, characteristics of enemy aircraft, etc.? You would become a death statistic. In the same way, we can see the insanity of attempting to hold back an extremely complicated social and geopolitical conspiracy by only providing half the truth. No wonder we are losing!

Won't you join Daubenmire and me in this conversation by listening at www.truthtellers.org?

One caution: Be sure to fasten your seatbelt.


Let the Anti-Defamation League teach you how they have saddled 45 states with hate laws capable of persecuting Christians, and spearhead attempts to pass the federal hate crimes bill: http://www.adl.org/99hatecrime/intro.asp.

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