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By Rev. Ted Pike
2 Mar 05

Since the arrest of 11 Christians in Philadelphia on Oct. 10th, 2004, as "hate criminals," the world has been bewildered and outraged by the extreme penalties meted out against Christians charged with "hate crimes."

In Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, Michael Marcavage read the Bible in a city council meeting. Accused of "hate speech," his penalty was a $2,800.00 fine and 15 months in prison.

Soon after, Michael and ten other Christians preached and sang, "Blessed be the name of the Lord" at a homosexual rally in Philadelphia. Penalty: 47 years in prison and $90,000.00 fine each.

In 2001 in Saskatchewan, Christian Hugh Owens put four Bible verses critical of homosexuality in the local newspaper. Convicted of "hate crimes," both he and the newspaper were levied fines of $6,000.00 each.

Presently, another Saskatchewan Christian, Bill Whatcott was fined $15,000.00 for the "hate crime" of criticizing Planned Parenthood. He is also facing a possible $20,000.00 fine for the hate crime of criticizing homosexuality.

And in Ontario, another Christian, Mark Harding, was facing at least six months in prison for criticizing Islam as a "militant" religion. Because Harding, who has a heart condition, capitulated and said he was sorry for hurting the feelings of Moslems, the court had mercy: he had to do only 340 hours of work for Moslem organizations.

Such extreme penalties are the work of the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith, the architect of hate laws worldwide. The ADL is determined to convince the world that "bias" crimes, above all other crimes, are especially evil – uniquely deserving of the most severe punishments. In fact, under the ADL hate laws, any crime motivated by bias usually incurs triple penalties, going from a misdemeanor to a felony.

Why are "bias" crimes very, very, very bad? Answer: because such is necessary to hasten the persecution of Christians.

The ADL's reasoning goes like this:

Bias against homosexuals is hateful;

Christians are biased against homosexuals;

Christians are hateful.

Thus, Christians are stereotyped, by ADL design, as haters. So why not exclude them from the "respect for diversity" that is afforded to everyone else? Why not restrict their speech and actions? In other words, why not persecute them?

On Oct. 10th, 2004, the ADL, through their national executive board member, Philadelphia District Attorney Lynn Abraham, tried to ignite persecution of Christianity in America. They failed. Yet they will try again and again, unless Christians expose them.

It is time that Christians tell the world who is really very, very, very hateful against Christians.

It is the ADL.




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