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By Rev. Ted Pike
11 Jan 07

The lobby reform bill, now under debate in Congress, poses, in its present form, an ominous threat to free speech. (See, Lobby Reform Bill Cripples Free Speech). I have produced a flyer which protests harassment of grassroots lobbying groups by this oppressive legislation.

Like my hate bill flyer, posted at www.truthtellers.org, this missile of truth is now ready to be copied, addressed, and sent to members of both the House and Senate, plus about 8 to 10 of each member's legislative aides.

You may wonder: "What's the use since Congress is so close to passing the lobby reform bill?"

Yes, that may happen this week in the Senate. Yet it is still possible to saturate the House with these brochures and powerfully influence many to question legislation that deliberately oppresses Christian/conservative grassroots lobbying groups.

Busy members of the Senate may pass S.1, The Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2007. But if we alert their aides to the threat of Section 220 (and its upcoming House counterpart), they can influence their bosses to change their minds and encourage a vote against Sec. 220 in conference with the House.

Our campaign to hold back introduction of the federal hate bill by saturating Congress with my brochure "Anti-Hate Laws Will Make You a Criminal" is already exerting tremendous influence. 8000 of these brochures have been printed by patriots at www.truthtellers.org in the past 9 days. These are only seeds, multiplied exponentially by mass reproduction and distribution. Christian evangelicals are also making use of this flyer. A highly influential Christian/conservative columnist told me he has sent it to 2000 top evangelical leaders and activists with encouraging responses. One of the very largest Christian/conservative organizations recently called, expressing appreciation.

But, while it is not as dangerous as the hate bill, the lobby reform bill also needs our attention. It abridges our freedom of speech and petition by requiring us to seek permission from the government in order to publicly speak out.

So let's keep the calls and flyers going into Congress this week against the hate bill but also against Sec. 220 of the lobby reform bill. The new Democrat-controlled Congress will keep us in battle for months and even years to come. But if we remain ever vigilant and never, never give up, we have one enormous advantage: God is on our side and will deliver.

Preview of Flyer against Lobby Reform Bill:

Download Printable Version Here



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