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By Rev. Ted Pike

Yesterday in a stunning surprise, the Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Senator Orrin Hatch, refused to pass S.1145, “The Local Law Enforcement Crime Prevention Act of 2005.”

Yet, Senator Edward Kennedy still intends to pass the hate crimes bill. He wants to reattach it to the new version of the Children’s Safety Act, “The Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act,” S.1086.

Although rebuffed by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Kennedy is confident, considering the 65 to 33 vote in the Senate in June 2004, that S.1145 will easily be passed by the Senate as an attachment to S.1086.

In light of the pro-hate bill record of both House and Senate, Kennedy’s threat must be taken very seriously.

It is vital that all who cherish freedom do the following:

1. Come to www.truthtellers.org for a list of the 55 Republican Senators who will soon decide the fate of freedom of speech. Call every Senator toll free at 1-888-355-3588 or toll at 1-202-225-3121. Tell them: “Please do not approve the hate bill S.1145 when Senator Kennedy reintroduces it in the Senate.”

2. Fax or email the attached flyer to all 55 Senators. Contact information is available at their websites through a link at www.truthtellers.org.

What happened yesterday in Judiciary was a tremendous victory, especially considering that pro-hate bill Senators outnumbered those opposed to it by 10 to 8. This is a direct result of a tidal wave of emails and phone calls that have gone to members of the Senate.

Yet, convincing the liberal Senate at large to reject S.1145 will be a very tough, uphill fight. We have had a first victory, but only by all of us doing our part, and with God’s help, can we win the upcoming battle in the Senate.

For the complete text of S.1145, with Rev. Ted Pike’s astute commentary, come to www.truthtellers.org.

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