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By Rev. Ted Pike
3 July 09

Last Tuesday, I discovered Sen. Patrick Leahy was stacking the hate bill Judiciary hearing with pro-hate bill witnesses. I sent out an emergency alert, and all day Wednesday the Senate was “inundated” with protest calls (See, Hate Bill Protest Overwhelms Senate! Yet Homosexuals Calling, Too!).

Yet by Friday, like a flash flood, most calls ceased. One Senate office said NPN’s call was the only one against the hate bill all day. But that was before our new 10-minute video, “Holder Admits: No Equality under Hate Bill” was released Monday. Since then, calling has powerfully resurged.

Last night I sent an especially explosive e-alert, “Duke University Pedophile Would Benefit from Hate Bill.” I described how Duke University administrator Frank Lombard, a homosexual, adopted a black child and sexually assaulted him. He then pimped him for sex with other homosexuals. This is appalling enough. Then I explained how Attorney General Eric Holder testified in Senate Judiciary last week that the federal hate bill would give preferential service and protection to all homosexuals, including this monster. While providing special status to Lombard, it would deprive a policeman who apprehended him of such rights.

This was too much for many hundreds of readers. They stormed Senate offices today with protest. Phone lines were again jammed with what staffers described as “tons of calls.” This is happening when Congress is supposed to be quieting down—on the Fourth of July recess!

Amid my heavy schedule of broadcasting against the hate bill today, I managed to call a number of Republican Senators’ offices. They were all familiar with NPN’s video on Holder. We can be sure that a high percentage of the 60 Democrat offices are also getting the word and watching the video.

Senate offices will be closed Friday, but keep calling through next week! We want not just one or two staffers but members of all Senate offices, both conservative and liberal, to realize the hate bill is destructive stealth legislation—out to steal the freedom of both Republicans and Democrats.

Last Minute Deliverance?

As Sen. Majority Leader Reid prepares to pass the hate bill before August, this eleventh hour explosion of protest, coming primarily from my audience in alternative talk radio and the internet, could not be more strategically vital. Returning Democrats on Monday could well hold a fast mark-up session on the hate bill and possibly shoot it through to passage by Friday. Your faithfulness to stand in the gap and protest is remarkable. In fact, I’m in awe of you!

For four months, a fundamental argument of pro-hate bill staffers has been that the hate bill doesn’t give special protections to homosexuals but equal protection to all—according to race, religion, and gender. Our recent video, however, reveals the contrary: Holder himself tells us there is no equal protection. Rights of homosexuals are exalted, because they ostensibly have suffered so bitterly under the heel of the Christian majority for centuries.

Further, since our video indicts the Anti-Defamation League, architect of all hate laws worldwide. Holder’s admission reveals ADL as the deceiver of Congress and all liberal legislators. After all, it was ADL over the past 20 years which reassured and convinced legislators that equal protection is fundamental to all hate crimes laws. Now, if liberal staffers and Senators watch our video, it may dawn on them how ADL has cunningly misinformed them. NPN’s new Holder video may be the crucial “silver bullet” which both God and the devil have provided for us to kill the hate bill. It could also begin a trend toward skepticism and alienation from the ADL/Zionist chokehold on Congress.

Keep calling 1-877-851-6437 toll free or 1-202-225-3121 toll
with this message: "Please tell the Senator not to vote for the hate crimes bill. Also, watch the shocking video that shows Attorney General Holder saying there is no equal protection under the hate bill. It's on the home page at Truthtellers.org."

On many occasions, members of Congress have wanted to vote for a bill but couldn’t because of massive protest from their constituents. They had to face reality that they simply would not be elected if they defied Americans’ wishes.

could bring a minority of pro-hate bill Democrats and even wayward Republicans to that turning point—by calling and calling again, requesting they watch the Holder video and vote no on S. 909. If we can generate extensive viewing and discussion of this video, the next step for some Senators may be doubt, then outright defection from hate bill support.

I hope you will be inspired this Fourth of July weekend to even greater resistance against those who would take away our precious liberty. Let’s generate an explosion of political fireworks for returning Senators on Monday!



Let the Anti-Defamation League teach you how they have saddled 45 states with hate laws capable of persecuting Christians, and spearhead attempts to pass the federal hate crimes bill: http://www.adl.org/99hatecrime/intro.asp.

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