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Kennedy Backs Down Under National Pressure. Stops Blocking Child Protecting Legislation.

By Rev. Ted Pike

On Friday, May 5, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed the Child Help National Registry Act, S.1086. Senator Edward Kennedy did not ask that his hate crimes bill, S.1145, be approved by the Senate and attached to S.1086.

So comes to an end, at least for the moment, the threat of imminent passage of the Anti-Defamation League's Orwellian anti-hate bill. This legislation is very similar to ADL hate laws in Canada and European countries. Such laws have outlawed criticism of homosexuality.

S.1086 and its companion bill, the Children's Safety Act, H.R.3132, now travel to conference between the House and Senate unencumbered by ADL's homosexual-favoring hate bill. After conference the final version of this child protecting legislation will go to the president for signing.

In his next e-alert Rev. Ted Pike will present a detailed analysis of the reasons behind this great victory for free speech.

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