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By Rev. Ted Pike
29 Feb 12

There should exist a very powerful watchdog group honestly and fearlessly blowing the whistle when Christianity is defamed by Jewish big media, unafraid to identify its perpetrators as Jewish. The Anti-Defamation League does this for the benefit of Jews. Whenever a politician or Christian leader comments unfavorably concerning Jews or Israel, ADL demands an apology and virtually always gets it. The alternative is political or professional ruin.

But ADL is silent regarding the defamation of Christianity. Good Christian Bitches is a television sitcom to air on Jewish Disney/ABC March 4, based on a book of the same title. Due to protest, its title has been shortened to “GCB” in American markets. No one is fooled. The show portrays Christian women as petty, gossipy and vindictive.

Can you imagine ADL’s response if a sitcom were called “Good Jewish Bitches?” But it is predictably silent in this case, too busy decrying campus criticism of Israel, unauthorized use of terms like “holocaust” and “Hitler,” and getting the mildest critic of Israel, Pat Buchanan, sacked from MSNBC.

How can Christians defend themselves from propaganda attacks like GCB?

Today a woman just called me from Canada saying she had protested GCB to ABC in Canada and was informed that hers was the only protest call ABC had received from the entire nation. Let's not have that happen in America! Protest to ABC at (818) 460-7477 or email at http://abc.go.com/site/contact-us. 

Tell them: "Your "GCB" is an insult to Christian America. I demand that you cancel it. Otherwise, I and my friends will boycott any Disney movies and (insert the name of the Disney theme park in your region)."

Here are the Disney parks in America:
Theme parks:

Water parks:

Other parks:

Shopping, dining and entertainment complex:

ABC is owned by Robert Iger, who is Jewish. GCB is produced by Jewish homosexual Darren Star, who also brought us Sex and the City (another work notable for its degradation of women and utter contempt for traditional religious beliefs).  These men no doubt expect your protest, laugh at it, but at the same time must know of public outrage.

Also, it is vitally important to get educated so that you may inform as many people as possible about Jewish media’s agenda to trash Christianity and corrupt America.  

  1. Read my article “Updated: Jews Confirm Big Media is Jewish”. For more documentation, contact the Standard and Poors and Lexis Nexus directories at your library. They confirm the saturation level of Jewish names heading and staffing ABC, CBS, and NBC as well as Viacom and Hollywood studios. A number of books written by Jews are also available in major libraries confirming Hollywood is Jewish. (The article, “Who Runs Hollywood? C’mon!” by Joel Stein in the LA Times is also instructive.)

  2. Speak out in your church, conservative club, campus activist group, on the internet or as a caller on talk radio concerning the extent of Jewish power in media. Tell people it is not anti-Semitic to identify media monopolists as Jewish and anti-Christian. Wouldn’t you have such a right if Mormons or Muslims monopolized media, pushing their religious agendas?

  3. Take these links to articles at truthtellers.org documenting Jewish media’s prior sordid record of denigrating Jesus and His followers.

Things could already be much worse. They are not, thanks to the courage of those who publicly proclaim that big media has a Jewish identity and agenda.

Jewish media and ADL never give up their offensives to corrupt and de-Christianize America. That’s why every lover of freedom must join the National Prayer Network in our offensive of truth against those who want to erect their Judaic new world order on the ashes of Christian civilization.       


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. 

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