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"The Last Temptation of Christ" An Unnecessary Disaster in Christian-Jewish Relations

By Rev. Ted Pike
21 Apr 05

         It was the most savage, blasphemous attack on Jesus that ever came out of Hollywood. Church leaders were aghast after-previewing "The Last Temptation of Christ." Jesus was portrayed as a charlatan, a lecher, a fool.

           Yet Hollywood was promising more. At least another film spectacular was in the works that was touted to be even more extreme, shattering all that is sacred concerning our Lord.

           Dr. Jerry Falwell, at the height of national prestige during the late 1980’s, made a very well publicized threat to the Hollywood film moguls. He said, in effect, that if they continued to distribute "The Last Temptation of Christ," it could mean a disaster for Jewish-Christian relations. Why Jewish-Christian relations? Because Falwell was broadly hinting that MCA, producer of the film, was Jewish owned and controlled.

           MCA was undaunted. Yet what could I do, where hundreds of public protests, tens of thousands of letters to Hollywood failed to stop this anti-Christ juggernaut?

           The answer: get specific.

           I wrote a brochure entitled, "The Real Reason Behind the Last Temptation of Christ." I named the owners and directors of MCA, identifying them as Jewish. Further, I pointed out that the central, blasphemous theme of the movie precisely reflected the blasphemy against Christ within the greatest spiritual and legal authority of Judaism, the Babylonian Talmud. The Talmud, written by the pharisees, the same evil Jewish leaders who had Christ crucified, remains the greatest spiritual authority for religious Jews – far surpassing the Old Testament. Here, from my brochure, is how "The Last Temptation" compares with the Talmud.




*The Babylonian Talmud, translated into English by Rabbi Dr. I. Epstein, Soncino Press, London



JESUS: All my life I’ve been followed by voices." "I’m ashamed when I think of all the mistakes I’ve made – all the wrong ways I’ve looked for God."

"He was a fool, and we do not pay attention to what fools do." Sanhedrin 67a (uncensored version)




Jesus, a carpenter, is in business making crosses for the Romans. He assists in crucifying Jewish freedom fighters.

Jesus was a "bloody and deceitful" man. Sanhedrin 106b (uncensored) He was counted among the "sinners of Israel," one of the three greatest enemies Israel has ever known.  Gittin 56b, 57a



JESUS: "I never tell the truth…I don’t have the courage. I want to rebel against…God." "Lucifer is inside me." This movie repeatedly suggests Christ does miracles through Satan.

Jesus. "…practiced sorcery and enticed Israel to apostasy." Sanhedrin 43a



Jesus watches Mary Magdalene all day as she has sex with many customers. Mary Magdalene says: "You’re pitiful. I hate you!" Jesus says, "I’m the Saint of Blasphemy!"

Jesus was excommunicated for the thought of seducing a woman. In his ensuing grief he fell down and worshipped a brick. Sanhedrin 106a (uncensored version)



"The Last Temptation of Christ" lends credence to the traditional rabbinic view that Christ was not God incarnate. He was not divinely conceived, but was an imposter, a misfit to his people and tradition. JESUS: "How could I be the Messiah? I wanted to kill the people stoning Mary!" "I am a man like everyone else!"

Jesus was born out of wedlock: Mary "…who was descendant of princes and governors, played the harlot with carpenters." Sanhedrin 106b Jesus was killed by "…stoning, burning, decapitation, and strangling…he met his death at the age of thirty-three…he had no portion in the world to come." Sanhedrin 106a, 106b He is now in hell, "punished with boiling hot excrement." Gittin 56b, 57a


           Our National Prayer Network sent this brochure to 192,000 evangelical pastors in America, virtually all of whom were aware of Falwell’s threat.

            I was expecting an avalanche of criticism saying, "How dare you criticize God’s chosen people!" Instead, I received only six critical letters and many hundreds of orders for my book, "Israel: Our Duty…Our Dilemma" and video documentary, "The Other Israel."

            I was amazed at the lack of criticism. So was the Anti-Defamation League, who angrily claimed that my report of such small criticism was a lie.

           Several years ago, a prominent national Jewish leader said that "The Last Temptation of Christ" was the biggest public relations disaster in Jewish-Christian relations during the last century. Yet it was not I, but Jewish media moguls who were responsible. They chose to base their film on blasphemies from the Talmud. This caused untold Christians and Americans to throw the blame on "the Jews," just as the German people did before WWII.

           The Jewish owners of MCA had not counted on anyone having the courage to specifically blame false Jewish leadership. They knew most Christian/conservative leaders (even knowing of the Jewish origins of the film) would never point the finger beyond such obscure terminology as "Hollywood moguls" or "secular humanist media," etc. Yet the outspokenness of Jerry Falwell, plus my even more specific mass-mailing, had shown a glaring floodlight on them. The mega-blasphemous follow-up movie was never made.

            Do you want to know how to save America? Answer, have the courage to get specific concerning false Jewish leadership behind the media.

            If you do not, the Jewish media will continue to trample on everything that is sacred to our faith and liberty.

           Christianity will suffer.

           And so will the Jewish people.


          With anti-Jewish feeling on the rise worldwide, it is now necessary to criticize false Jewish leadership, which, by its anti-Christianity, stimulates a backlash of anti-semitism against the Jewish people in general. Only by restraining such leadership can Christians be assured that a remnant of the Jewish people will be preserved from possible persecution to fulfill their destiny of restoration to faith in Christ at his Second Coming.

          Rev. Ted Pike is head of the National P rayer Network, a Christian, conservative watchdog organization. He can be contacted for interview at 503-631-3808, website www.truthtellers.org, or P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97045.


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