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By Rev. Ted Pike


Attention Talk Show Hosts:

This is a HUGE issue we must face into.

Evil Jewish leadership is inciting a groundswell of anti-Jewish feeling in the world today. Critical statements against "the Jews" by leaders of Russia, Malaysia, and Venuezela, not to mention Arab leaders, are just the tip of popular resentment against abuses by such leadership in the media, Congress, ADL "hate laws," world banking, and the Middle East.

Such resentment against the Jews could easily get out of control in the years ahead, resulting in renewed persecution.

Unless, that is, we act now to expose and restrain false Jewish leadership.

However, talk show hosts are reluctant to discuss this problem. Why? They are afraid of seeming "anti-semitic." They fear being harassed by those very Jewish "muscle organizations" such as the ADL and JDL, that are the henchmen of evil Jewish leaders.

But, if we are to save America, and the Jewish people, we must not buckle before ADL scare tactics. On more than 100 talk shows this year, I boldly identified ADL/B'nai B'rith as the originator of anti-hate laws worldwide. Not one talk host reported any threats by the ADL. It was I who threatened the ADL, mobilizing national outrage against their hate crime agenda for America and largely shutting it down – at least for the present.

Such results are only possible because I put my finger on the real source behind hate crimes laws worldwide. Similarly, the moral, political, and military confusion that besets America can be restrained only if opinion makers, such as talk show hosts, allow me to discuss with them the historic "eye" of the octopus that is strangling us. For thousands of years, evil Jewish leadership has led the Jewish people astray. It is now doing the same to America.

As you may know, I approach this volatile issue from a perspective of biblical balance, never forgetting God's unique covenant with Israel. My motive is to save not only America, but the Jewish people from disaster. What I request from you as a talk show host is that you allow me to begin a gradual educational program for your listeners.

Here are programs vital to understanding evil Jewish leadership.

"The Pharisees" reveals why Christ so scathingly rebuked Israel's original evil leaders. He knew that they were the fathers of modern or "rabbinic" Judaism – a radical, racistic departure from virtually everything God had tried to teach his people in the Old Testament.

"The Babylonian Talmud" explains what most Christians do not realize: after the exile of Judah by Nebuchadnezzer, around 587 B.C., Babylon, the cesspool of antiquity, became the new "promised land" for the vast majority of Jews. They flourished in Babylon for 1600 years – longer than their forefathers had spent in Palestine! It was there that the Babylonian Talmud – the written form of the oral traditions of the Pharisees (which Christ so vehemently attacked) became the greatest moral and legal authority for religious Jews clear up to the present. Yet, despite the Talmud's authority over one of the world's great religions, you will probably search in vain for an uncensored Talmud within your library, university, or seminary. Why? Because the Talmud is full of hatred against Jesus Christ, Christians and Gentiles. Evil Jewish leadership is determined that Gentiles do not pry into it.

"The Kabbalah" is a mystical brew of occultry absorbed by evil Jewish leaders during 1600 years in Babylon. Of equal authority to the Talmud, the Kabbala (consisting of the five books of the "Zohar") is vigorously racistic. It portrays Jews as holy, exalted, and fully human. Gentiles are classed as animals and demons, meant to be subjugated or destroyed.

Today, Kabbala is wildly popular among Israeli fundamentalists, including those inhabiting Israel's illegal settlements in the West Bank. In a recent PBS documentary, one such Kabbalist boldly asserted their desire to slaughter all Arabs (whom Kabbalists regard as two-legged animals) throughout the West Bank.

"The Khazars" discusses how several million inhabitants of the central Eurasian nation of Khazaria were engrafted into Judaism in the 8th century A.D. Such Jewish proselytes became the genetic stock constituting eastern European Jewry - the "Ashkenazim." How does this massive Khazar infusion affect our conception of who a Jew is? Does it abrogate God's national and prophetic destiny for the Jewish people?

"Jewish Origins of Communism" considers one of the most extensively documented facts of modern history: communism was inspired and facilitated by evil Jewish leadership inciting the Jewish masses into revolutionary fervor. Yet, although impeccable Jewish sources, such as the Encyclopedia Judaica, freely admit this, our media and educational system don't. We are given the impression that communism was a spontaneous movement of discontent by the Gentile "proletariat."

"Jewish Domination of the Media" reveals how Jews founded the Hollywood film industry and Big Three TV networks. They also control a predominance of major newspapers and publishing houses. Again, this is candidly admitted by the prestigious Encyclopedia Judaica. Yet, because evil Jewish leadership, such as the ADL, stifles criticism of matters Jewish, Jewish control of America's spigot of information, the media, is a socially taboo topic.

"Evil Jewish Leadership Behind "anti-hate" Laws" details how B'nai B'Rith International and its "civil liberties" branch, the Anti-Defamation League, have pioneered the whole idea of anti-hate laws and persuaded most governments of the western industrialized world to enact them. Their definition of "hate" as bias against homosexuality makes the Bible into "hate speech" and Christians into "haters." ADL "hate laws" are, thus, anti-Christian laws, specifically designed to make possible world-wide persecution of Christians. Such persecution of Christians by evil Jewish leadership had to be discontinued 1900 years ago. Yet it has always remained their dream to revive it.

This program also describes how evil Jewish leaders of ADL/B'nai B'rith, through their national executive board member, Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham, tried to jump-start persecution of Christians in Philadelphia on Oct. 8, 2004. They attempted to imprison eleven Christians for 47 years each for the "hate crime" of witnessing at a "gay pride" parade.

"Evil Zionist Leadership in Israel" shows how the national policies of Israel under leadership of terrorists-turned-premiers, such as Begin, Shamir and Sharon, have violently inflamed the Arab world against the Jewish people. This has led directly to international Arab terrorism and 9-11, embroiling America in the Middle East for one primary purpose: to make the region safe for Israel.

"Evangelical Support of Evil Jewish Leadership in Israel" discusses the erroneous doctrines of Calvinism, Scofield dispensationalism, and pretribulationist "rapture" theology. These have fueled evangelicalism's unblinking moral and military support of Israel's Zionist warlords.

"Cross-currents in Evangelical Attitudes Toward Israel" considers "replacement theology" including "post-millennialism" and "pretorism." These assert that the Christian church now entirely fulfills a spiritual destiny that God once bestowed on the nation Israel.

"Bible Prophecy that is Biblical" demonstrates how true biblical prophecy reveals amazing fulfillment of prophecy – but not in the way that Hal Lindsey and Tim La Haye see it! This discussion reveals that modern Israel is the foundation for Antichrist – Israel's false messiah, who will turn upon the Jews and lead them into "great tribulation." However, at Christ's Second Coming, a remnant of Jews will repent and return to Zion to live, for the first time in 2,000 years, in peace, righteousness and justice. At last they will be freed from the curse of evil Jewish leadership – "blind guides," as Jesus described them, that have brought untold spiritual darkness and persecution upon God's chosen people.


Fifty years ago, Corrie ten Boom did the right thing by saving Jews from the Nazis. Today, talk show hosts can also bless the Jewish people by restraining those who would bring a "curse" upon them – their evil leaders. As I found, opposing the ADL hate crimes agenda this past year, such evil leadership will not be restrained except by shining the spotlight of public criticism upon them.

Yet, if talk show hosts join with me, we can do much more than just shut down the ADL hate crime agenda. We can undermine evil Jewish leadership's

Control of the media;
Control of Congress;
Control of the White House;
Control of war-making in the Middle East;
Efforts to de-Christianize America.

Evil Jewish leadership has been out of control for decades. Yet another frightening prospect looms on the horizon. Should economic chaos embroil this planet again, as in 1929, there will be an unprecedented upheaval of global anger and accusation against "the Jews" – an epidemic of virulent anti-semitism that could exceed the Nazis.

The time to act - for the good of America and the Jewish people – is NOW.

May I begin this educational series on your program?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. His 345-page book, "Israel: Our Duty…Our Dilemma," exhaustively documents the problem of false Jewish leadership over the past 2400 years. This book is free to talk show hosts who request it.

For interview with Rev. Pike, call (503) 631-3808.

For many articles by Rev. Pike, and to preview his video documentaries about evil Jewish leadership, visit www.truthtellers.org.

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