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National Prayer Network


By Rev. Ted Pike
19 Jan 07

Yesterday, I announced that the lobby reform bill, S.1, had been defeated in the Senate. The Portland Oregonian had stated that because there were not 60 votes in favor the bill had foundered, with angry Republicans and Democrats accusing each other. We called Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's office to confirm defeat of the bill. They said with dismay that The Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2007 was dead.

However, this morning Sen. Bennett's office told me that negotiation resumed yesterday, seeking possible concessions. The Senate then upheld Bennett's amendment by a vote of 54 to 43 to strip off Sec. 220. This was our main concern: Levin and Liebermann's onerous reporting requirements laid upon grassroots lobbyist organizations. The lobby reform bill then passed 96 to 2.

I had not argued against the lobby reform bill -- only oppressive Sec. 220. Evidently, the massive calling by supporters of the National Prayer Network and other Christian/conservative organizations stiffened liberal Democrats so that when the pressure became great enough they responded to the wishes of their constituents.

Thank God for another great defeat of those who would have laid burdens of even greater repression upon our rights of free speech and petition!

Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog group.

With God’s help America has defeated the federal “anti-hate” bill three times in the last two years. We can do it again, but only if you protest loudly. Come to www.truthtellers.org for powerful tools to defeat this freedom-stealing legislation.

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