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By Rev. Ted Pike
2 Feb 07

He was the first governor to legalize same-sex marriage.

He did so in violation of his oath of office and state constitution.

He threatened public officials that if they did not allow same-sex marriage they would be fired for not obeying "the law."

He ignored a petition by a coalition of pro-family activists and lawyers to reverse his decision before leaving office.

Although a Mormon, throughout most of his career he has held a liberal stance on abortion and homosexual rights.

Now he portrays himself as a pro-family Christian-conservative who wants to restore America's moral foundations. In fact, he says he wants to amend the U.S. Constitution to ban same-sex marriage! To remake his public image as he explores the possibility of running for President, he allies himself with the Christian Coalition and Jay Sekulow.

Who is this political chameleon?

He is former Republican Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts.

Do you want him in the White House? I don't. That's why I joined 43 other Christian/conservative leaders and activists to sign a petition demanding that he rescind his decree allowing same-sex marriages in Massachusetts. He ignored our wishes before leaving the governor's office. He will probably ignore yours if he enters the Oval Office.

What can you do? Go to www.valuesusa.net/djms_romney.html for a concise summary by Debra J. M. Smith of how Romney violated the Massachusetts state constitution. Read the detailed legal case against him, researched by attorney Robert Paine.

Tell Christian and Republican leaders to look elsewhere for moral and political leadership in the next Presidential election.

Mitt Romney is a wolf in sheep's clothing.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog group.

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