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By Rev. Ted Pike
28 Feb 05

In order to fully understand the rage of the "thought crimes" police against 11 Christians on Oct. 10th in Philadelphia, we must first be aware of what transpired in the Borough of Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, during the previous year.

The Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith claims that, out of the purest motives, it is working to create a "hate free" world. To facilitate this goal, the ADL is working with city officials and citizens to create model "hate free" communities around America.

On Feb. 20, 2002, Lansdowne Mayor Jayne Young announced that Lansdowne's Borough officials had signed on with the ADL's "no place for hate" program. As a result, the ADL moved in to intensely indoctrinate city government, police, schools and the community that Christian "homophobia" is not only a psychiatric disorder, it is "hate."

So "unbiased" did the inhabitants of Lansdowne become that they elected an open homosexual to the city council. He persuaded the city council that they should especially attract homosexuals to Landsdowne.

Yet, during a July 21, 2004 hearing to consider his proposal, a young Christian activist, Michael Marcavage, was given the microphone and allowed three minutes of testimony. He objected, contending that homosexuality is against God's law. He attempted to read from the Bible, but was ordered not to by the president of the council, who stated that the Bible is "hate speech."

Michael was struck by one of the council members and further assaulted by the Lansdowne police chief. He was then ordered out of city hall. The next day, the police chief informed him that he was being charged with "disrupting a public meeting" and "disorderly conduct." Penalties: 15 months in jail and a $2,800.00 fine.

It was clearly because of Marcavage's notoriety, and his obstruction of the ADL in their desire to make Lansdowne an ADL "hate free" community, that Lynne Abraham, District Attorney of Philadelphia and national executive board member of the ADL, gave orders on Oct.10th to arrest Marcavage. She and the ADL hoped to incarcerate him for 47 years under conviction for 3 felonies and 5 misdemeanors, permanently removing him as an obstacle to the ADL's dream of a "hate free" Philadelphia.

Fortunately, perhaps the only incorruptible judge in the Philadelphia court system, Judge Pamela Dembe, on Feb. 17, 2005, threw out Lynne Abraham's case against Michael and the "Philadelphia 5." On the same day, the Borough of Lansdowne also dismissed their charges against Michael.

Yet ADL inspired anti-Christian bias against Michael remains. Very recently in Lansdowne about 200 residents held a candlelight march against Michael, protesting the presence of such a Christian "hater" in their community.

Although the ADL failed to permanently remove the Christian witness of Michael and his friends from Lansdowne and Philadelphia, the ADL continues to organize many other communities across America into "hate-free zones" – anti-Christian communities opposed to Christian "intolerance."

The ADL intones about the "epidemic of hate" ravaging America. Their ultimate goal is passage of the "Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2005," HR 259, which has received overwhelming pledges of support from both houses of Congress. It is now in the House Judiciary Committee. (To oppose, call toll free 1-877-762-8762).

Clearly, the ADL's vision of a "hate free" world means:

1. wide-open tolerance for anything perverse and anti-Christian, and

2. zero tolerance for Christianity.


To hear Michael's testimony before the Lansdowne council meeting, go to http://www.repentamerica.com/hatespeech.html.

For documentation of the ADL's involvement in Lansdowne, go to www.lansdowneborough.com/hate.html or www.adl.org/philadelphia/npfh.asp.

For more information on the threat of "anti-hate" laws, visit http://www.truthtellers.org.

For an 80-minute video expose of hate laws, "Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians," order on line for $24.90 at www.truthtellers.org. or by calling 503-631-3808. Or you can order from National Prayer Network, P. O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015

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