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Philadelphia D.A. Lynne Abraham: 'Hate Criminal'

By Rev. Ted Pike
15 Mar 05

On Feb. 17th, 5 Christians, indicted as "hate criminals" were freed by Philadelphia Judge Pamela Dembe. She said she found no evidence that they had behaved in an illegal manner prior to their arrest by Philadelphia police on Oct. 10, 2004.

Yet there is one actual "hate criminal" still at large in Philadelphia. It is Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham.

It is Abraham, member of the national executive board of the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith, who authorized the arrest, imprisonment, and indictment of the Philadelphia Christians.

She justified their arrest according to the state definition of a "hate crime." Pennsylvania's hate law says that a "hate crime" results when someone is biased against a protected group (homosexuals) – and that bias motivates a crime.

While the Christians were, indeed, biased against homosexuality (as is the Bible, which calls it an "abomination.") Judge Dembe decreed the Christians innocent of any actual physical crime. Thus, they were not "hate criminals" according to Pennsylvania's hate law.

Lynne Abraham, on the other hand, also revealed the most conspicuous bias, but against Christians. Christians are also protected under the category of "religion" in Pennsylvania's hate law. Furthermore, Abraham's "bias" did, in fact, motivate her to commit a heinous crime: she wrongfully arrested and imprisoned 11 Christians.

Lynne Abraham‘s behavior, thus, exquisitely fulfills Pennsylvania's legal definition of a hate crime: bias motivating a crime.

Has the Pennsylvania media or justice system sounded the alarm that a "hate criminal" is on the loose in Philadelphia? Are they alerting the public that one is, in fact, overseeing law enforcement for the city?

If there is honesty and justice in Philadelphia, an investigation into Lynne Abraham's role as a "hate criminal" in collusion with the ADL, should be opened immediately.

Further, if the usual criteria of triple penalties for hate crimes were to be consistently applied, it should be Lynne Abraham, hate criminal, who should receive the 47 years in prison and $90,000.00 fine that she had hoped would be imposed on each of the eleven Christians.

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