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By Rev. Ted Pike
21 May 09

In a recent FOX news interview, Rep. Steve King said the most effective way to protest federal hate bill S. 909 is to call the US Senate, particularly the 19 members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Why don’t major religious right groups follow his advice? They only encourage listeners to use emails, faxes, online petitions, and form letters—no one recommends simple, old-fashioned, but effective phone calls! Modern lobbyist theory says most people are too busy, lazy, or timid to pick up the phone and interact with a staff member in Congress. They are told to type their names into some electronic media; it salves their conscience and might do some good.

But ask any staffer in Washington if his boss takes such protest very seriously. He doesn’t. Staffers will tell you that a personal phone call is effective and respected, second only to showing up in person.

I deeply appreciate the motive behind the campaign by Janet Porter and WorldNetDaily to FedEx some 400,000 form letters to the Senate. But they should know that the impact may not be as great as they hope. In Congress, non-constituent letters are burned. Yes, federal law requires senatorial staff to read constituent mail. And, yes, WND has photos of boxes of letters stacked in the Senate mailroom. Yet, will liberal staffers sift through all those boxes to find the one that contains a constituent letter? Dream on. You can be sure that liberal Senators, having caught on to this strategy, are ordering these boxes automatically returned to the mailroom, then to be dumped.

Why do WND and other new right organizations not follow the advice of a real expert on the receiving end of legislative protest—Rep. King? Why don’t they simply give out phone numbers of the Senate and names of Senate Judiciary members? I don’t know. There are many things about the religious right which baffle me.

I do know that our NPN poll today shows that calls to the Senate Judiciary, exactly what King encourages, are declining. At 4 p.m. EDT, the office of Sen. Orrin Hatch, the most outspoken and articulate Senate Judiciary opponent to the hate bill, told me they had received only five calls all day. Mine was the sixth.

Call the Senate Judiciary Committee and your members of the Senate at 877-851-6437 toll free or 202-225-3121 toll. Tell them: "If the Senator votes for the pedophile-protecting hate bill, I and my friends will never forgive or forget."

Watch the dynamic 10-minute educational videos, Hate Bill Lies:Exposed! and How to Kill the Hate Bills, at www.truthtellers.org which explains how the hate bill, S.909, ends freedom. Please tell the offices of members of Congress to watch it! Also at www.truthtellers.org, watch our gripping 82-minute documentary Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians.

Let the Anti-Defamation League teach you how they have saddled 45 states with hate laws capable of persecuting Christians, and spearhead attempts to pass the federal hate crimes bill: http://www.adl.org/99hatecrime/intro.asp.

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