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Hear Ted Pike and James Edwards discuss:

"International Hate Crimes Enforcement"

Today in Europe and Israel, the legal structure for criminalization and deportation of Christian "hate criminals" is being established.

Israel now has the right to demand that those who question the 6 million figure of "Holocaust" Jewish dead may be deported to Israel for trial.

Germany, empowered by ADL/B'nai B'rith-inspired "anti-hate" laws, has already obtained deportation of Germar Rudolph and Ernst Zundel for the "hate crime" of questioning the Holocaust figures. Renowned WW2 historian David Irving now faces 3 years in an Austrian prison for the same "crime."

Yet it is evangelical Christians, especially in Canada, who are also bearing the brunt of ADL/B'nai B'rith hate law persecution. Since New Testament Christianity is now regarded as "anti-Semitic" in Canada, the cause of the Holocaust, Christians could also someday face deportation to Israel to stand trial for "crimes against the Jewish people."

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