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By Rev. Ted Pike
15 July 09

Sen. Patrick Leahy's hate crimes amendment was scheduled to be received by the Senate on Wednesday, July 15, and voted on. Yet, the debate over funding additional F-22 fighter planes on the defense appropriations bill was not resolved today and will continue Wednesday. This delay may give lovers of freedom another day to protest the hate bill, S. 909.

Because of massive failure of Christian/conservative action groups to rally calling at this pivotal moment, homosexual calling in favor of the hate bill dominated in Senate offices today. I have written about how Dr. Dobson and Family Research Council devastated evangelical will to fight the hate bill in their radio broadcast last week. They said it is now in vain to oppose the hate bill; prayer is our only recourse. (Listen to Focus on the Family's James Dobson betray efforts to fight the Hate Bill: Click Here to LISTEN; Click Here to DOWNLOAD [6 min., 4.2 MB, right click and save target as.])

Yet, for at least several weeks, most of the largest new right evangelical groups have failed to take advantage of powerful opportunities the liberals have delivered to us to gain advantage over the hate bill. None followed up on Sen. Leahy's outrageous stacking of pro-hate bill witnesses, including Attorney Gen. Eric Holder, against only two opponents of the hate bill in the very brief Senate Judiciary "kangaroo" hearing. Except for two articles by WorldNetDaily and a broadcast by Rush Limbaugh, none have capitalized on Holder's blunder of admission in Judiciary that the hate bill does not equally protect all Americans. He also said there is no evidence that states are failing to enforce state laws against hate crimes. Thirdly, he admitted that ministers, policemen, and soldiers will not be covered under the hate bill.

New right "watchdog" groups who remain oblivious to imminent passage of the hate bill include WorldNetDaily, Concerned Women for America, Traditional Values Coalition, Focus on the Family and Family Research Council. None have anything on their websites concerning the present, high drama crisis in the Senate. Most are not enthusiastically encouraging phoning and action. Only Janet Porter's Faith2Action is abreast of events, with her website boldly encouraging calling to forestall a Wednesday passage of the hate bill.

The truth is, the relatively high level of protest calling to the Senate over the past two weeks, from moderate to extremely heavy, has been almost entirely generated by the National Prayer Network.

Now, at last, as an extension of God's grace, we may have another day in which the people of America, not homosexuals, will have opportunity to dominate calling into the Senate.

Don't squander this opportunity as most evangelical groups are doing, saying in effect, "We don't think we can make any difference." Actually, they could make an enormous difference at this very last moment to remind all members of Congress that the people are very, very angry. The people deeply resent that a pedophile-protecting hate bill -- one that denies equal justice to all and doesn't even provide protection for soldiers -- is being underhandedly attached to a military bill which is designed to provide safety for American troops.

Sens. Leahy and Burris held forth in the Senate this week encouraging hate bill passage. Since the Democrats seem determined to pursue the amendment route, it is perhaps too late to try to dissuade them. Therefore, you can make your calls Wednesday very brief and simple, stating the essential message: "Please don't vote for the pedophile-protecting hate bill. If you do, I and my friends will never forgive or forget!"Call toll-free 1-877-851-6437 or toll 1-202-225-3121 (names available HERE at www.truthtellers.org).


Let the Anti-Defamation League teach you how they have saddled 45 states with hate laws capable of persecuting Christians, and spearhead attempts to pass the federal hate crimes bill: http://www.adl.org/99hatecrime/intro.asp.

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