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By Rev. Ted Pike
29 Oct 08


Dr. Fredrick Toben, arrested under an E.U. warrant from Germany for questioning the numbers and methods of the Holocaust, defeated attempts to extradite him to Germany today. The judge ruled that the terms of the warrant were too vague. While granted bail if Dr. Toben can come up with nearly a quarter million dollars, Toben is severely restricted in his movements and activities. Smiling widely after the judge’s verdict, Toben welcomes efforts by Germany to take the case to Britain ’s High Court.

David Irving, who was at the trial and cheered the decision, said “this shows that we defeated Germany again, we defeated Europe in fact.” “We’ve always believed in freedom of speech in this country no matter how crazy people’s views are.”

Meanwhile, continuing protest to British officials can only help Dr. Toben. Nearly 1,200 people have come to truthtellers.org for contact information to British leaders. This means that probably thousands of communications have been received in London , possibly influencing this victory.

Come to truthtellers.org and join these thousands of protests in making sure a very dangerous international hate law precedent is not established in Britain . If we fail and Dr. Toben is deported it would greatly hasten extradition of Americans for similar “speech crimes” offenses.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

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