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By Rev. Ted Pike

In the Old Testament, the mark of a false prophet was that he blessed the false leaders of Israel. When evil king Ahab wanted to go to war against Ramath-Gilead, four hundred false prophets bid him godspeed.

The mark of a true prophet, however, was that he be willing to criticize sinful Jews and their leaders – to put forehead to forehead against those who rebel against God’s law. Thus, the one true prophet, Miciah, warned Ahab, correctly, that he was headed for disaster. (II Kings 22:1-40)

In the New Testament, John the Baptist, Jesus, Paul, and the apostles exercised the same right to reprove evil Jewish leaders. Most of the early church fathers also made use of it, including Martin Luther.

Yet, during the 20th century, something happened to the Christians’ right to criticize Jews. In 1913, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith was created, ostensibly to combat anti-semitism. In reality, its purpose was to create a pervasive propaganda network to remake the attitudes of the world and Christianity in favor of Jews and Judaism. This was necessary to insure perpetual support of Zionism by the Christian nations of the West.


ADL began intensive courtship of evangelical Christians, promoting “tolerance” and “understanding” between Christians and Jews.

As a result, American evangelicals soon agreed with the ADL that it was “anti-semitic” to criticize Jews or their evil leadership. No longer did the church see reproof as a potential blessing to Jewish sinners, saving them from eternity in hell. Instead, the ADL taught them that the people and nation that do not reprove the Jews, but only bless them, will be blessed by God. Conversely, the people and nation that reprove them will be cursed by him.

Today, after nearly a century of programming by the ADL, most evangelical Christians have no conception that they should follow the pattern of their Savior, who rebuked and even vilified evil Jewish leadership. Instead, the ADL has made them into clones of the false prophets. Let Ariel Sharon massacre 18,500 innocent civilians in saturation bombing in Lebanon in 1982, assist in the slaughter of 800 in the Shatilla/Sabra refugee camps, and murder thousands more in his recent invasion of the West Bank. ADL-trained evangelicals can do nothing but bleat blessings upon him, with not a hint of reproof, exactly as the 400 false prophets did to Ahab!

Scripture tells us that the one who bids godspeed to an evil man is “partaker of his evil deeds” (II John 1:11). Every time the false prophets blessed Ahab, they were even more corrupted. So, also, are “Israel first” evangelicals, who reflexively bless Israel’s bloody, arrogant leaders, such as Begin, Shamir, and Sharon – the evil Ahabs of today.


It is time to follow the prophets and expose evil Jewish leadership in ADL hate laws, the media, Congress and Israel. Such reproof is beyond reproach since it is biblical and undertaken for the good and safety of the Jewish people. Because it is biblically balanced, it also does not unnecessarily antagonize either Christians or Jews.

I know from experience. Battling ADL hate laws this past year, I have been the guest of 45 different radio talk show hosts. On virtually all of their programs, I boldly identified the evil Jewish leadership of ADL/B’nai Brith as the architects of anti-hate laws worldwide. I accused B’nai Brith of creating such laws to ensnare Christians and bring about persecution of Christians, as the ADL did in Philadelphia.

On many of these programs, I discussed other aspects of evil Jewish leadership including the Pharisees, Talmud, their control of Hollywood and the media, and their attempts to rob us of our Christian symbols and heritage.

Of course, I also emphasized my concern for the Jewish people – that B’nai B’rith, if left unresisted, would continue to incite anti-semitism worldwide in the years ahead.

To my knowledge, none of these hosts received any threats from ADL/JDL. Many, in fact, had me on repeatedly. And perhaps most significantly, I received nothing but appreciation from callers during more than 100 talk shows. In fact I remember only two callers who were critical of me!

Why such a favorable response?


As an historically Christian nation, Americans have a willingness to believe the worst about evil Jewish leadership. This is because Christianity’s founder, Jesus Christ, exceeded all others, for all time, in fiery vilification of such leaders.

Despite nearly 100 years of ADL propaganda encouraging Christians to approve of evil Jewish leadership, the church has 2000 years of religious memory going back to Christ’s warning to disapprove of them: to “beware of the leaven (teachings) of the pharisees” (Mark. 8:15).

Also, Americans are deeply rooted in the biblical promise of eventual deliverance and restoration of a remnant of Jews. Thus, they come quickly to the support of those who are protecting the Jewish people from false shepherds - those now fomenting anti-semitism and possible persecution against Jews.

When Jesus came 2000 years ago, he encountered a nation deeply dominated and propagandized by false Jewish leadership. The populace could not criticize them, being terrified by their vindictiveness - just as America is today. Yet when Christ spoke out the whole truth about them, the common people heard him gladly. This is the same reaction I am receiving on the radio.


There exists an enormous hunger for guidance and information on what to do about the escalating problems created by false Jewish leadership. Tragically, out of “fear of the Jews” (John 7:13) most Christian/conservative talk show hosts either go along with the ADL/Zionists, or avoid the issue altogether.

I can’t do that. Why? Because I want to be as much like Jesus as possible. If, out of fear of man, I do not speak out in exactly the same manner that he did about evil Jewish leadership, then I value the esteem of men more than him. I am ashamed of him. Verdict: he says he will be ashamed of me in the Day of Judgment (Mark 8:38).

He criticized the evil Jewish leadership of his day.

I criticize the evil Jewish leadership of mine.

I cannot imagine doing otherwise.

Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. His 345-page book, “Israel: Our Duty…Our Dilemma,” is available at www.truthtellers.org for $17.95 postpaid. This work is available FREE to talk show hosts who request it.

For an interview with Rev. Pike call (503) 631-3808.

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