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By Rev. Ted Pike

Rev. Ted Pike's video documentaries, The Other Israel and Why the Mideast Bleeds, are number one in their video categories on Google. The Other Israel, with nearly 30,000 viewings since spring, ranks "most relevant" to the subject of Israel. Why the Mideast Bleeds is "most relevant" to the Mideast.

Now Pike's latest production, Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance, is also available at Google! This groundbreaking work documents Jewish control of American media. Unholy Alliance also exposes the terrifying book, The Jewish Utopia, by Dr. Michael Higger. Endorsed by Solomon Schechter, founder of conservative Judaism in America, and by the Kallah (or council) of Texas Rabbis, Utopia foretells worldwide slaughter of all Christian "idolaters" when Jewish activism finally prevails over Christianity. Only Gentiles who renounce Christ and accept the Noahide laws of Judaism will be allowed to live, according to Higger.

Unholy Alliance also examines the heresy of "once-saved-always-saved" Calvinism. This unbiblical doctrine has led "Israel-first" evangelicals into moral compromise, giving Israel unconditional security and approval.

Many have said Unholy Alliance is Pike's most powerful and comprehensive video on the Zionist conspiracy. Come to Google for a fast-moving, gripping 92 minutes, and see if you agree.

National Prayer Network is a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. Visit www.truthtellers.org for many articles dealing with the problem of anti-Christian Jewish activism.

Google's video section is at http://video.google.com. Just search for "Ted Pike" to see all of Ted's video documentaries.

To see Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance, go here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4452153918748081072


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