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National Prayer Network


By Rev. Ted Pike
4 Nov 10

Election victory for patriots shows us where America is in history: a place of Divine mercy. We are being given a second chance.

This is not a time for violent revolution. It's not a time for apathy. It’s not a time to count on escape through the “Rapture”. "We the people" have proven that in God's moment of mercy we can shake the political powers of this world.

This is a time to further entreat God's favor by uniting faith with good works. It is a time for hope - a time, however gloomy, to know that for people working with God, nothing is impossible.

Yes, Scripture predicts that dark events will someday convulse the planet. Undoubtedly, we are in the foothills of such times. But we should recognize a sunrise when we see it and no longer hide beneath the covers of the night. Instead, let us make use of the light and do the best day's work we can.

This election proves God is not done with America. His mercy is rejoicing over judgment. Evil can be held back, even thrown from power. This includes what is thought unassailable: all-powerful evil. I never believed I would see the day when Soviet Russia, the engine of world communism for the better part of a century, enslaving and encircling the eastern European landmass with barbed wire, would be a non-communist, even Christian-oriented country. It is now led by two devoutly Russian Orthodox leaders, Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev.

Just as remarkable, Israel has fallen into universal disfavor and righteous condemnation by people and governments for her many sins and injustices.

This election is a brake not just to Democrat dominion of Congress, state legislatures, and governorships in America but to the arrogance of liberalism to inflict homosexuality, anti-Christianity, even abortion on America. It also represents the resounding "clank!" of the guillotine on all forms of pessimism, fatalism, apathy, escapism and do-nothing-ism that have plagued the many sectors of the religious evangelical right.

It demonstrates that evil is finite, prone to error, and inclined by its overweening hubris to go too far. Such excess provides warriors for freedom with weapons to use against it.

The 2010 election should encourage Americans, as never before, to fear no political power structure, especially Jewish supremacism. (Israel/ADL, i.e. Babylon the Great [see, 'Babylon the Great' is Israel]).

The boy David recognized that his hour had come and took what was available and familiar to him—a small smooth stone--and believed and acted in faith that God could assist him to do the impossible. We also can discover with God that the “impossible” is no challenge to Him.

Doing the impossible with God is just the beginning for those who wait on Him in faith and take fearless action to do and speak as He gives the word—casting mountains into the sea.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. 

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