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New ADL Hate Law Worst Ever

By Rev. Ted Pike

The Anti-Defamation League’s new federal “anti-hate” bill, HR 2662, provides federal protection and prosecution for hate crimes involving “real or perceived” “gender identity.”

What in the world does that mean?

It means that, if a man “perceives” a transvestite “female impersonator” to be a real female and threatens “her,” saying “Bitch, I’m going to kick your butt,” then the man can be prosecuted for a hate crime. Yes, even though the “woman” he threatened was actually a man!

Why is this a hate crime? Answer: Bias motivation against women, a federally protected group, is demonstrated by the word “bitch.” Threat of kicking is proof of intent to do physical harm.

What would be the probable penalty for conviction?

The ADL’s federal hate law triples penalties for crimes motivated by bias. The man’s threat to the “she-man” would become a felony, punishable by probably not less than five years in federal prison.

During a heated football game in Idaho in 2001, Lonnie Rae used the “N” word to the black coach, threatening to kick his butt. He was arrested for violation of Idaho’s ADL state hate law. The State of Idaho pressed for five years in state prison – a penalty that was unanimously supported by the press and people of Idaho.

(Actually, five years in prison is mild compared to what the ADL wanted for eleven Christians in Philadelphia last Oct. 10th. For them, the ADL hoped for 47 years in prison and $90,000.00 fine each!)


The ADL’s new legislation, “The Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Hate Crime Prevention Act of 2005,” HR 2662, continues to break new barriers of absurdity.

No wonder. The head of the ADL, Abe Foxman, has been behaving strangely. During controversy over Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of The Christ,” Foxman disguised himself as a Catholic priest in order to gain admission to a preview of the film. When discovered, the press laughed at him.

What outlandish proposals will the ADL come up with next? Perhaps they will make it a “hate crime” to laugh at those who are “perceived” to be Catholic priests, yet turn out to be ADL snoops!

The ADL is lobbying hard for passage of HR 2662 – legislation that will not only end free speech, but free speech talk radio.


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