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Upcoming Book Provides Remedy for the Moral Decline and Anxiety in the Church Today

Today, evangelical Christianity is riding high. With a "born again" President, high church attendance, and a globe-spanning gospel communications outreach, many are calling this the "golden age" of evangelism. In recent polls, especially those conducted by Barna Research Group, evangelicals overwhelmingly felt very good about the performance of the church. Only 1% thought the church was doing poorly. Yet, most church members' feelings are at odds with  reality. Look at what is actually happening beneath the surface.

  • Shockingly, those claiming to be born again Christians are more likely to be divorced than non-Christians! Between 27% and 31% of evangelicals  are currently, or have been divorced, compared to 24% of adults in America who are not born again. (Contrast this with only 21% divorce rate among atheists and agnostics!)

  • Roughly 86% of evangelical teens are lost to the world following high school graduation.

  • 55% of evangelicals reject the existence of the Holy Spirit as a personality.

  • 30% deny the resurrection of Christ.

  • 29% believe Jesus committed sins.  

  • More than half of evangelicals believe Satan has no real existence.

  • Only half of "born again" Christian teenagers are interested in deep commitment to Christ.

  • According to Barna Research Group, "substantial numbers of Christians believe that activities such as abortion, gay sex, sexual fantasies, cohabitation, drunkenness and viewing pornography are morally acceptable."

Clearly, there is big trouble in Christendom. Beneath all the "positive thinking," big churches and respectability, the foundations are crumbling and ready to collapse. It will happen as soon as Christianity is no longer fun, as soon as persecution no longer make church-going the trendy thing to do.

But there is more bad news:

As the foundations crumble, the "peace that passeth understanding," so much a part of authentic Christianity, has faded.  Anxiety is on the increase. For many, even the church and it "worship experience" no longer give lasting comfort.

Yes, many attempt to compensate and distract themselves by good works, religious excitement, even Bible study. Yet, something is very, very wrong. As sound doctrine, piety, and spirituality decline in the church, it becomes more and more difficult to find our way back to peace with God - that promised place of inner calm which is largely what Christianity is all about in the first place.

Now for the good news!

After decades of study of the decline of spirituality in the church, evangelical author and theologian Rev. Ted Pike is releasing his new book, Spiritual Rest From War Within. This unprecedented work will show you exactly where the church has gone wrong and can go right again, in order to regain authentic Christianity's purity, consolation, and power.

In lively, simple, non-theological language, Spiritual Rest From War Within will give you the kind of spiritual rest Scripture describes as "glorious" - a rest of soul you may have thought reserved for Heaven. It will also show your pastor and congregation how to completely reverse the moral decline ravaging the church today. This book is a must-read for all who sincerely seek peace with God and revival in America.

Spiritual Rest From War Within tackles the following issues head-on:

  1.  How you can at last find inner peace after years of struggling against your own desires

  2. How you can achieve spiritual victory over besetting sins and habits

  3. How you can gain spiritual power to save your children and friends

  4. How you can be sure God is pleased with you

  5. How you can live a holy life

  6. How you can recognize God’s will for your life

  7. How you can find deliverance from cycles of guilt and self-hatred

  8. How you can identify the half-truths that have been holding you back from true spiritual victory

  9. How you can live in the peace that passes understanding and is not shaken by circumstances

  10. How you can find contentment in disappointment and loss

  11. How you can know you are praying according to the will of God

  12. How you can know you will not go to hell

  13.  How you can have peace concerning mistakes of the past

  14. How you can witness effectively

  15. How you can escape the Romans 7 dilemma – “that which I want to do, I do not do; and that which I hate, that I do."

  16.  How you can get off the treadmill of legalistic prayer and Bible study and find rest through simple trust

  17. How you can escape the guilt a false definition of sin creates

  18.  How you can rejoice, even in tribulation.

  19. How you can experience unbroken friendship with God

How You Can Obtain this Book!

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