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Israel: Our Duty ... Our Dilemma


Now ordered by more than 18,000 pastors in America, this book explains how the ancient Pharisees led Israel astray - and how those same "blind guides," through their doctrinal manifesto, the TALMUD, continue to prejudice Jews against Christ and Christianity.

Condensing 14 years' research in Jewish sources, this unprecedented work demonstrates that opposition by Jewish leaders to the gospel, far from being over with in the book of Acts, continues today in movies, television, Jewish "civil liberties" groups and in "anti-missionary" laws in Israel.

"Israel: Our Duty ... Our Dilemma" is lively and easy to read, yet contains a wealth of documented information about the inner teachings of Judaism and outward power in the world. It also provides many breakthroughs in our understanding of Bible prophecy, as well as explaining the only workable, Biblical solution to strife in the war-tom Middle East.

Dr. Everett Sileven, defender of faith in Nebraska, sums up what thousands have felt: "This is the ONE book every Christian should read."

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