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By Rev. Ted Pike

May 1st, 2019

Why are Jewish attack groups such as ADL/SPLC always in the forefront of efforts to undermine Christian rights and values? As is well known, ADL and many Jewish activists and organizations played a pivotal role in creation and passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But it has become
clear that this landmark legislation,originally portrayed as only granting advantages and special protections to blacks, was really a foundation upon which preferential rights for women, Latinos and homosexuals could be established. ADL says it now wants Jews also provided special status and protection under the Civil Rights Act. It says the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Education now enforce special protections for Jews under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. What is the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act Really All About? - ADL. Such was also decreed in 2018, at least in employment, by U.S. Magistrate Mark Hornsby. U.S. court rules Jews are protected 'race' under Civil Rights Act of 1964.

If Jews acquire full protection as a “protected class” in America it will mean that if a Jew complains to the government that he has suffered “acute emotional trauma” as a result of “anti semitic” discrimination or criticism of his race or religion he may prompt a federal investigation. If the government agrees, the defendant will have to retain the best lawyer he can find. This step alone could probably cost tens of thousands of dollars. The alternative might be harsh penalties under the Civil Rights Act. ADL has boasted that it conceived the whole idea of “anti-hate” legislation primarily to come to the defense of “identifiable groups” who are prone to discrimination. But does this strongly pro-abortion activist group with no sympathy for mankind in the womb really bleed with compassion for blacks and homosexuals? I don’t think so. I believe that from it’s beginning ADL coveted something much more toward its own interests: special Federal protection for Jews from persecution.


The answer is “yes”. The “Equality Act” asserts it is hateful and criminal to verbally denigrate an employee or rentor who cannot help being what he or she is, (primarily homosexual). If a Federal law can be established upholding the above, then it can also uphold the premise that it is criminal to denigrate Jews, matters Jewish, and the State of Israel, who also cannot help being what they are. When can we expect such Orwellian legislation? It is already here, at least in its first stage . In 2016 ADL’s “Anti Semitism Awareness Act” passed the Senate but, because of lack of time, died in the House. In March 2019 it was again introduced in the Senate but awaits action in committee. This bill, S852, asserts that the U.S. Department of Education should be authorized to determine if speech against Israel on college campuses has crossed from “legitimate criticism” of Israel to “anti semitic hate speech” (possibly indictable under the “Equality Act”.


Actual historic anti semitism is easy to define. It is the racist belief that Jews are, because of genetics, degenerate and subversive. It is not, however, anti semitic to criticize the bad behavior of evil Jews, Jewish leaders, or the State of Israel, as did Jesus. What ADL wants to do through both these bills working together is this: on one hand ADL postures as upholding the First Amendment right to “harsh”, even “hateful” speech. On the other, ADL contends that there exist a number of “anti semitic hate speech” topics which trigger such emotional distress in Jews that, ,while legal, constitute “intimidation” and “harassment” of Jews. As such, ADL hopes to make those who publicly discuss these topics, “traumatizing” Jews, indictable under the “Equality Act”. Anthony Romero, Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union, says “unfortunately, the proposed bill (S852) risks chilling constitutionally protected speech by incorrectly equating criticism of Israel with anti-semitism … we urge congress to reject this dangerous and unnecessary bill”. https://www.aclu.org/news/aclu-statement-senate-introduction-anti-semitism-awareness-act


About sixty nations enforce some kind of ADL hate law. Many, like Canada, the UK, Holland and Scandinavia,, Australia, etc. already prosecute public critics of Jews and Judaism. Such persecution is assisted by increasingly nebulous official definitions of antisemitism. “Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary” says antisemitism includes “fearing Jews and Jewish things”.(Israel?) Of course, to my knowledge, no ADL hate law country includes as a specially protected group, Christian pro lifers. They are subject to every manner of verbal abuse (and sometimes physical) while picketing abortion mills. Yet no ADL hate law country includes Christians as a specially protected group on par with Jews. They are not empowered to bring the government to their aid should they be criticized or discriminated against “because of what they are”. Why? It’s because ADL has abundantly demonstrated that through its hate laws it intends to persecute, weaken, and discriminate against Christianity, not build it up. As a result, while critics of Judaism and Israel face increasing vilification, if these bills pass we can expect Jewish financial, political, and media power to burgeon on the one world stage in the years to come. www.truthtellers.org/alerts/jewsconfirmbigmediaupdated.htmlhttps://www.europeandefenceleague.com/2018/03/17/jewish-control-of-the-media-in-the-united -states-and-therefore-around-the-world/


The book of Revelation describes the earth in the end times as a one world confederacy ruled by a scarlet woman with the title on her forehead: “BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” She sits astride the “Beast,” or anti-Christ, (Rev. 17,18). Who is this woman? Does she already exist? In at least 85 clear old testament scriptures, rebellious Israel is identified as a spiritual harlot. She has a “whore’s forehead”. (Jer.3,3), just as in Revelation. Originally, Israel was the first to be honored with the privilege of spiritual union with God as Yahweh’s (Christ’s) spiritual bride. But she was also first to prostitute that relationship. As such she became the “Mother” of spiritual whordom. In my article, “Israel is Babylon the Great”, I prove from scripture that modern “Sodom and Egypt”, Jerusalem, (Rev. 11:8) and the “Mother of Harlots” are one. Link ---- “Israel is Babylon the Great” http://truthtellers.org/alerts/babylonthegreatisraelreprint.html.


Nothing corrupts an individual or nation more than being granted freedom from criticism. This is what turned Caligula, Nero, Stalin and Hitler into homicidal monsters. Scripture commands all Christians to “Reprove, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and doctrine”. (ll Tim.4.2) (James 2:1) says we should do it “without respect of persons”. This means that Christians are forbidden to make Jews or Israel into a “sacred cow”, to be protected from Holy Spirit led, constructive rebuke or criticism. Yet, tragically, a ban on criticism of Jews and Israel is what Zionist evangelicals, not scripturally, have eagerly laid upon themselves for more than a century. They believe that reproving “God’s chosen people” will incur a divine curse upon the reprover. As a result they have helped build up the walls of Babylon the Great. Revelation tells us the harlot will eventually turn with fury upon Christians, “drunk with the blood of the saints.” (Rev. 17.6). And she will probably do it with the ADL hate laws which are being enacted today. Jesus said that in the last days Christians would be “delivered up to the synagogues” to be tried. (Luke 2:12) Again, the anti-Christian legal foundation created by ADL may well help “wear out the saints”. (Daniel 7:25) The blindness of the church today to the obvious linkage between Babylon the Great and Israel powerfully suggests we are living in those days in which Christ predicted “even the very elect, if possible, will be deceived”. (Matt. 24:24)


Now is your date with destiny. Lovers of freedom must stop the “Anti Semitism Awareness Act”, S852. But to do that they must first defeat the “Equality Act”, which is moving forward rapidly. Call your Republican House member at 1-202-224-3121. Say this: “ Please vote against the
“Equality Act” HR5. It will help end free speech for Christians, making them criminals if they crtiticize homosexuallity”. If HR5 Passes the the House, immediately call Republican members of the Senate, preferably all of them. P.S. Years ago a Christian living in northern Canada called me saying that he had been quietly passing out gospel tracts in his small town, when a policeman approached , the officer told him it was now illegal to “proselytize” in that Province. The plight of authentic Christian Canadians soberly reminds us that by opposing the “Equality” bill we are fighting for the very existence of Christianity.

Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a non-profit Christian activist group, largely responsible for helping revive the National Day of Prayer under President Reagan. http://truthtellers.org/aboutnpn.html NPN’s Truthtellers website has also played a pivotal role in holding back passage of hate crime legislation in America. In 2001, Rev. Pike and his wife, Alynn produced a 60 minute video, “Hate laws: Making Criminals of Christians”, available for $24.95 at P.O.Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015, or at my email. npntedpike @ gmail.com .

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Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

To contact Rev. Ted Pike email tedpike@truthtellers.org.

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