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Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians
$24.95 each including shipping


The Other Israel
$24.95 each including shipping


Why the Mid-East Bleeds
$24.95 each including shipping


Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance
$24.95 each including shipping



Israel: Our Duty ... Our Dilemma Book
$24.95 each including shipping



"Hate Laws" Video (DVD)

Learn the Truth about "Hate Crimes" Laws


Only $24.95
(shipping included)


For foreign orders, videos are $43 for Canada, $48 over-seas. Book is $46 for Canada, $50 over-seas. All foreign orders please include phone number with order.

*Customers in PAL format countries will receive PAL DVD's

For larger numbers of foreign orders, multiply 24.95 times number of videos ordered plus 60% for shipping.

For bulk prices and discounts contact npntedpike@gmail.com


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