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19 November, 2020 By Rev. Ted Pike

Dear lovers of freedom,

Could social destabilization caused by the Coronavirus result in persecution of Christians? History has shown, as in the French and Russian Revolutions, that out of civil chaos the most anti Christian philosophies and demagogues can emerge. Inevitably, since Christianity is incompatible with such movements, Christians are first marginalized as “undesirables”, then persecuted.

This is already happening. On Dec. 11, 2019, President Trump issued an executive order containing the allegation that Christianity, and by definition the New Testament, are anti-Semitic. This incredible charge is buried in his decree as example number 9 of the Jewish International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s “11 Contemporary Examples of Anti-Semitism.” Trump's order includes these IHRC examples, upholding them, not as law, but as presidentially approved recommendations to government.
“The full text of the “IHRA Working Definition of AntiSemitism” (pages 7-9) is found at this link: The Working Definition of AntiSemitism.

Federal criteria of what is anti-Semitism

His order commands that all agencies of the Executive Branch of the US government (including the FBI and US Justice Department) be encouraged to consider that the frequent New Testament charge “that the Jews killed Jesus” be considered antiSemitic. Here is the verbatim text from example 9:

It says anti-Semitism includes “Using the symbols and images associated with classic anti-Semitism (e.g., claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterize Israel or Israelis”. Clearly, IHRC/TRUMP are defining “classic anti-Semitism” as NewTestament claims of “Jews killing Jesus”. Yet, in order to suggest guilt by association, IHRC places the New Testament claim cheek by jowl next to the truly anti-Semitic blood charge- the medieval accusation that Orthodox Jews mix Gentile blood with the flour of their Passover unleavened bread. IHRC does this so that the mind instantly conflates the New Testament with the most vulgar anti-Semitic accusation. More could be said about this definition’s attempt to distract and confuse the reader, drawing his attention away from the fact that IHRA is clearly tarring Christianity as an ancient and inveterate religion of hatred and persecution of the Jewish nation and people.

ADL makes New Testament into “anti-Semitic hate literature”

Throughout his long career as head of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, Orthodox Jew Abraham Foxman helped persuade 60 nations to adopt ADL’s hate crimes laws. A central feature of such legislation has been to criminalize the New Testament charge that Jewish leaders, along with a Jewish mob they incited, persuaded the Romans to crucify Christ. As a result, in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavian countries, etc., a pastor or radio evangelist does not dare say that “the Jews killed Jesus” in public or with conviction. In Canada, penalty for such indiscretion is FIVE years in prison and at least four-hundred thousand dollars in legal costs.

The radio station that allows such” anti-Semitic hate speech” will lose its broadcast license. I asked a Canadian friend what would happen if he were to tell someone on the street corner of Toronto what the New Testament frequently alleges: That the pharisaic leaders and Jewish mob incited the Romans to kill Jesus. He replied, “You would be playing with fire. The police could come, and you might be arrested!”

We can see, then, how the president is also playing with fire by endorsing a definition of anti-Semitism which, not only in Canada, but in most European countries, is capable of criminalizing bible-believing Christians who dare to speak the Word of God in public.

Why did Trump include this outrageous definition in his executive order?


Trump / Kushner at signing, Al Jazeera photo

Kushner is a member of the fastest growing and most powerful and ambitious sect of Judaism today, the Lubavitchers [Chabad]. They are followers of the mystical/revolutionary, virulently Anti-christian Zohar, or Kabbalah. The Lubavitchers (originally called “Zoharists”) very largely believe that the authority of the Zohar is greater than the Talmud, and certainly the Old Testament.
Have you heard about any of this from national evangelical leaders or Christian/Conservative “watchdog” groups, who should be warning the church of Trump/Kushner’s threat to freedom and free speech? Of course not!
They are proving to be what scripture describes as “all dumb dogs, they cannot bark,” (Isaiah 56:10). Such alleged “Watchmen on the wall” seem more dedicated to the proposition that it is better to lose freedom and free speech than risk God's curse for criticizing a Jew who is intent on forging the legal chains which right now are taking away not only free speech but something very precious for Evangelical Christians: the dignity and truth that far from being potential ‘anti-Semitic hate criminals’, they embrace the Apostle Paul’s assertion, “Brethren, my heart’s desire, and my prayer to God for them (Jews) is for their salvation,” (Romans 10:1).

Why Christians must criticize the synagogue of Satan

Wise King Solomon, in his proverbs, speaking to Jews, says that Godly, constructive criticism and reproof, even of Jews, has God’s endorsement. He repeatedly condemns as “fools” those who will not graciously and thankfully receive the Blessing from God of constructive criticism. Yet some will object saying, “Yes, the Bible teaches that Jews have right to rebuke fellow Jews, but Christians do not!”

Scripture never hints that Christians are forbidden to criticize Jews. Actually, Scripture teaches that the Gospel, with its inherent potential to correct and even reprove, should be delivered freely to all “without respect of persons” (James 2:1). For the Christian, the real danger of being cursed by God lies in obeying the Rabbis (especially when visiting Israel) and disobeying the Holy Spirit by refusing to witness to precious Jewish souls He leads us to.

Christians thus curse Jews with possible damnation by depriving them of Soul saving spiritual reality and truth. Scripture is absolutely clear that every Christian must try his or her best to be exactly like Jesus, who scathingly rebuked the evil Jewish leaders of His time. Being like Jesus thus gives the true Christian the right to publicly rebuke Kushner/Lubavitch and ADL, [The synagogue of Satan] for their ongoing attempts to criminalize Christianity and the New Testament. But, some may also object saying, “Why must we insist on the right to keep hammering the Jews? Haven’t the Jews suffered enough?”

Christians must have the right to speak publicly and with the same conviction and boldness that the Apostle Peter so often expressed regarding the Jewish role behind the crucifixion. “…let all the House of Israel know for certain that God has made him both Lord and Christ – this Jesus whom ye crucified.” Acts 2:36, 2:34, 3:13,14, 4:40, 5:30, 10:30. Peter repeatedly held Jewish leadership and those who helped them as guilty because it was important to God that the record be set straight from the beginning. God knew that in the last days, false teachers would arise who would either deny Jewish complicity in the death of Christ or teach that “we all killed Jesus”.

Today ADL/Kushner, Lubavitch, through Trump's decree, are trying to convince the Church that relegating Peter's testimony to the intellectual garbage can of shameful and disgusting “classical anti-Semitism” is no threat to Christians. Jesus says differently. At the end of the Bible he warns that if we cut out, or intellectually make no effect, even one word of Holy Scripture He will take out our name from His book of life. [Rev. 22:19]

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Ted, today - photo: John Pike, October 2019
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