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The National Prayer Network’s Rev. Ted Pike has produced a major book and multiple video documentaries educating millions against the Talmudic world conspiracy. NPN began as the result of a successful nationwide aerial tour in an antique airplane, attempting to persuade President Reagan to revive George Washington’s forgotten National Day of Prayer. Since then it has played a crucial role in preserving freedom, particularly free speech. This has usually meant taking leadership to expose and lead resistance to perverse, anti- Christian legislation in Congress.These are bills contrived by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League.

NPN’s militancy in defense of liberty has resulted in many victories over evil.Some are recounted in Rev. Ted Pike’s article, “Victories of the National Prayer Network”. Certainly, during 2019 Pike’s output of articles, radio and YouTube broadcasts against ADL’s “Equality“ and “Antisemitism Awareness “Acts far exceeded that of any other source. Learn with Ted on the Radio here!
The heavy calling they generated , directed toward crucial Senate committees, powerfully contributed to ADL's frustration in not successfully entering either bill into a Senate committee.


Ted Pike’s book “Israel : Our Duty… Our Dilemma” is now available as a PDF file anywhere there is Internet. To quickly receive your copy press the “Donate” button for $30. Then email Gerald at Tell him you donated $30 for a PDF of IODOD. Be sure to include your name, complete address, email address and phone number. Within 48 hours this “semi- Ebook” of over 345 pages, with color cover and index will arrive in your inbox!

Israel: Our Duty ... Our Dilemma Book

$42.50 each Book,
including shipping


Unholy Alliance

$27.95 each DVD,
including shipping

Hate Laws

$27.95 each DVD,
including shipping

Why the Mideast Bleeds

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The Other Israel

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Good news! 350 new copies of “Israel: Our Duty… Our Dilemma” are now available to replenish our small supply. The not-so-good news is that I had to pay $19 per book (which includes shipping). This means that I will have to set aside the same amount for an upcoming re-order when these sell out. As a result, in order to to make $5.00 actual income I must raise the price to $42.50 per book. I am very sorry for this but if IODOD is to remain available long- term I have no other choice.

By paying this you are making a donation to keeping “The WHOLE TRUTH About Zionist Conspiracy” alive!

Even now, NPN is the only activist group organizing efforts to awaken Evangelical Christians to the fact that, bowing to powerful Ultra Orthodox Jewish influence in the White House, Trump has created the Federal assertion that Christians and the New Testament are “anti-Semitic”. See: “Twelve Ways To Annul Trump’s “Christians Are Anti-Semites Decree”

With this kind of track record (which NPN intends to continue for the duration), one fact looms all- important: NPN MUST continue as a central watchdog preserving freedom. NPN IS organized resistance to ADL “hate crime” legislation. It is also an indispensable fountain of theological and eschatological guidance as the world and the Evangelical Church sink deeper in the quicksands of the Age of Delusion.

This means that NPN depends on your financial support. This can mean any gift, small or large. But it can also mean inclusion of NPN in your will or as a beneficiary of investments or sale of property. The truth is, by giving to NPN you are REALLY giving hope of freedom and free speech to your children and grandchildren and, by God’s grace, generations of Americans to come.

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