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Book: Israel: Our Duty ... Our Dilemma

Now ordered by more than 18,000 pastors in America, this book explains how the ancient Pharisees led Israel astray - and how those same "blind guides," through their doctrinal manifesto, the TALMUD, continue to prejudice Jews against Christ and Christianity.

Condensing 14 years' research in Jewish sources, this unprecedented work demonstrates that opposition by Jewish leaders to the gospel, far from being over with in the book of Acts, continues today in movies, television, Jewish "civil liberties" groups and in "anti-missionary" laws in Israel.

"Israel: Our Duty ... Our Dilemma" is lively and easy to read, yet contains a wealth of documented information about the inner teachings of Judaism and outward power in the world. It also provides many breakthroughs in our understanding of Bible prophecy, as well as explaining the only workable, Biblical solution to strife in the war-tom Middle East.

Dr. Everett Sileven, defender of faith in Nebraska, sums up what thousands have felt: "This is the ONE book every Christian should read."

This documentary from Theodore Winston Pike is now available for $19.95, plus $4.95 shipping and handling. Order Here!

Zionism and Christianity: UNHOLY ALLIANCE

Zionism and Christianity: UNHOLY ALLIANCE

A century ago the Arabs were at peace with the West, allies in World War I. Then, in violation of God's Law that Jews must obey Jesus Christ in order to reoccupy His promised land, Zionist leaders set up a Jewish state in Palestine. From that moment, Mideast tensions mounted. Ultimately, after nearly a century of Zionist abuses, the Arab world has been driven to frenzy. This is not only against Israel, but against its arch supporter, Christian America.

Why has Jewish presence in Palestine proven so abrasive to the Arab world? Why do most Evangelicals unblinkingly support Israel's false leaders? These are questions "Zionism and Christianity: UNHOLY ALLIANCE" plumbs as never before.

This documentary from Theodore Winston Pike is now available for $19.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling.

Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians

"Anti-hate," hate crimes legislation now before Congress is touted as a sincere attempt to end violent crimes of prejudice. Yet nearly identical laws in Canada and some European countries have led to a virtual ban of public discussion on certain "taboo" topics. Also, public criticism of some "identifiable groups" can be a crime, subject to large fines and years of imprisonment.

In this unprecedented expose, author and filmmaker Ted Pike rips the cover off this little-known conspiracy against freedom by the evil Jewish leadership of B'Nai B'Rith and its "Anti-Defamation League." Now is the time to protest to your elected representatives in Congress - before it is too late. This documentary from Theodore Winston Pike is now available for $19.95, plus $4.95 shipping and handling. Order Here!

Why the Mid-East Bleeds

It's all here...Ted Pike's monumental new video documents the whole story of conspiracy by Israel's false leaders in the Mid-East. From Israeli terrorists to Christian televangelists, this is the incredible account of how Zionist abuses and atrocities, plus evangelical Christian support, have worked together over the past century to incite international Arab terrorism. That terrorism erupted in fury on September 11, 2001.

"Why the Mideast Bleeds" is the most effective tool ever produced to quickly wake up your friends, pastor, elected officials concerning the perils of unconditional support of Israel's false leadership.

This documentary from Theodore Winston Pike is now available for $19.95, plus $4.95 shipping and handling. Order Here!

"The Other Israel" is the television version of Ted Pike's book, Israel: Our Duty ... Our Dilemma. Compiled after 15 months' filming and editing, this fast-moving, professional video documentary will give you a unique education on the inner teachings of Judaism - teachings which have made the Jews a race apart - for millenniums. Through the television camera "The Other Israel" takes you where few Christian scholars have gone - to the semi-secret rabbinic sources that blaspheme Christ and vow eventual triumph over the nations.

Yet, like Pike's book, this video never forgets that despite Judaism's present opposition to Christ, God will someday prove that He can make even the unbelieving Jews to praise His Son. Through stirring music, scripture, and scenes from Palestine, "The Other Israel" video dramatizes the eventual restoration of a Remnant at Christ's Second Coming.

This documentary from Theodore Winston Pike is now available for $19.95, plus $4.95 shipping and handling. Order Here!


Spiritual Rest From War Within


by Theodore Winston Pike

Listen to Ted's inspiring Bible talk



current Ted Pike photo
Ted, today - photo: John Pike, October 2019

Breaking News

Hate crimes laws may make you a lawbreaker! Such laws, while claiming to promote tolerance, actually lead to the end of free speech! Powerful articles and NPN’s video exposé of hate crimes laws in Canada and the United States provide you with the vital tools necessary to combat this imminent threat to freedom. This video is especially important as acts of terrorism extend the power of "Big Brother" to monitor what you do, say, and think.

Read the latest news.

White House sources have revealed that President Trump regrets following the left-conciliating advice of his son-in-law and senior advisor, Jared Kushner regarding police reform.
They say he has abandoned Kushner’s advice on this issue, returning to his previous assertion that “systemic racism” in American police is a virtual non-issue compared to the magnitude of protection and fair play which the vast majority of police provide all citizens.

17 December, 2019 - EMERGENCY ALERT - Trump Supports Jewish Claim: Christianity is Antisemitic.
President Trump’s recent Executive Order IS THE TEXT of the Jewish ADL’s “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, S852, recently rejected by the US Senate for Committee consideration.

“Anti-Semitism Awareness” Bill Worse than “Equality” Bill! Good news! The Christian-threatening, LGBT- promoting “Equality Act” could not face confrontation with hostile Senate Judiciary Republicans this spring. It went nowhere. Yet Democrats could still try to get it through the Senate Judiciary. NPN will sound the alarm at if it starts to move forward.

18 May 2019 - EMERGENCY ALERT - Senate New Forum for “Equality” Bill Debate
Call the Congress Hotline at 1-202-224-3121 and ask for a Senator’s office. I suggest you say: “Please don’t vote for the “Equality Act” S788. It will help end free speech for Christians making them criminals if they criticize Homosexuality”.

01 May 2019 - EMERGENCY ALERT - “Equality” Bill Hastens Babylon the Great - Part Two
If Jews acquire full protection as a “protected class” in America it will mean that if a Jew complains to the government that he has suffered “acute emotional trauma” as a result of “anti semitic” discrimination or criticism of his race or religion he may prompt a federal investigation. If the government agrees, the defendant will have to retain the best lawyer he can find.