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17 August, 2011 By Rev. Ted Pike

My Letter to Rev. Ted Pike

The Rev. Ted Pike sent out an email letter to his supporter list that was quite critical of me and I believe it to be quite inaccurate and unfair. My beliefs were presented more in an ADL-style caricature rather than in their true nature. I am reluctant to write anything, but since his letter is public, I think it is important to deal with some of these issues publicly as they are vital in the struggle ahead of us. As I say in this letter. I will not stop supporting any project that Ted Pike is involved in that that helps in the fight against Zionism. But, I it is important to respond to this letter and I hope that he will come to realize and acknowledge my true positions and not simply parrot the attitude of the ADL against me. As I have said many times before, I believe in both my heart and mind that my position is the opposite of the Jewish-media-defined term, racism. In fact, I don’t seek to suppress any race but to empower every people to their own values and freedom!

One further note: If you agree with me, I urge all of you to write a very polite letter to Ted Pike and let him know why you think his letter against me is not beneficial to our cause, urging him to unity rather than division in our ranks! Ted Pike can be emailed at

Dear Ted,

We have corresponded for decades, and for decades I have promoted your articles, your books and your videos. I have recognized and praised your incisive exposé of both Zionism and the very root of its evil, the Jewish Supremacism of Judaism.

I just can’t understand your adopting of the Jewish interpretation of my message and criticizing me for saying things almost identical to what you yourself preach.

Perhaps we don’t agree with one another on every view, and I don’t think there are any two Christians who actually agree on every point of Christian theology, nor do we need to agree on everything. But we don’t need to snipe at each other either, while hatefilled Jewish extremists try to destroy us both and drench the world in evil. We should be brothers in the fight against Zionism.

Not once in three decades have I ever criticized you. I have done nothing other than promote your work to my own supporters. Even after a your inaccurate criticism of me a couple of months ago, I stayed completely silent in the vain hope that you would focus on the real enemy and not pick fights with your friends.

But obviously I am now forced to defend myself from some of your statements about me that really do nothing but aid the Jewish agenda. It is bad enough to be roasted daily by the Jewish supremacists and then have to endure it from someone I consider a friend.

I consider you a very intelligent, decent man and good Christian. I just can’t understand why you couldn’t realize that your public letter attacking my views for the preservation of European freedom and heritage, only serves the Zionist agenda!

Now, you are echoing these anti-White racists in what you are saying to me. So I am forced to answer you publicly as you have criticized me publicly, not simply to set the record straight with clarity on my own positions, but because our people must understand that to defend our existence, our rights and our very heritage as a people is not in any way unchristian or anti-Christian. And since a great portion of White people are Christians, and since the overwhelming proportion of Christians are White people, this is a devastating and destructive proposition that serves only the Jewish supremacists. It increases their power over us in the West and in turn it actually harms the other races of the world who are great affected by devastating Western military and social power.

Let me start with a clear example from your letter. You are basically attack me for openly trying protect and preserve our European Christian communities, but you say in your letter, that one of the primary goals of the Jewish supremacists is to seek the destruction of the European people. Any objective reader will realize pretty quickly that you take essentially the same things that I do in a letter of criticism of me! And ,I am confident that anyone who watches my videos and reads my books would say that I have a decent and fair-minded attitude toward other races and believe they are entitled the same rights of heritage and freedom as we Europeans are. I quote your exact words in your own letter, in your letter critical of me:

“The primary threat facing us is brutally simple: Jewish supremacists want to take over the world and establish their anti-Christ world government, centering in Jerusalem, Babylon the Great. (See, ‘Babylon the Great’ is Israel) But the white race contains proven characteristics of leadership, empire building, invention and originality. How do the elders of Zion intend to weaken and destroy such characteristics that might empower future revolt against their Zionist masters?

“It is undeniable that Jewish activists have encouraged genetic and cultural race-mixing. Through civil rights laws, media, academia, and on all social levels, Jewish supremacists have sought to dilute and disempower white and Christian culture and to promote multiculturalism and multiracialism at every level. This is irrefutable and well documented by Jewish historians. The Bible indicates that this agenda does not stem from benevolence. Instead, it is part of a diabolical anti-Christ attempt to create a more malleable, less independent world population whose societies are less inclined to defend themselves. The Book of Daniel says that under anti-Christ world government the “iron” people will be genetically united with the “clay” peoples. (Daniel 2:41-43) The Jewish multiculturalists will succeed.”…

“Christians must oppose the Jewish religious/Talmudic vendetta against Christianity, white culture and even American borders. Yet our enemy is not the various non-white peoples who are seeking a better life! (To his credit, Duke also acknowledges this.) …
“…At the same time, the Bible teaches that God has legitimized the general “bounds” of races, the right of founder peoples or religions to predominate in a nation or region. This has been universally respected through history. For example, most in the West without question accept Israel’s extreme immigration controls, defining itself as a Jewish and a religiously Orthodox nation.”

So while you say this is the Zionist goal and that the enemies of God and Jesus seek to genetically destroy the White race and all races, you condemn me for saying the same thing but for also daring to stand up and protect our people from this same Zionist genocide of your own people, Ted…?

You are suggesting that opposing this evil Jewish Supremacist, Zionist, Talmudic plan of genocide that I am not a good Christian, but if that is true then, by your own words, neither are you. You are doing not only harm to me but harm to myself but to your own self and your own stated beliefs!

You suggest how terrible it is of me to envisage White communities and nations, to evoke even what we had in Europe for thousands of years! You literally quote the slander of me by one of the most evil anti-Christian Zionists on the planet, Abraham Foxman of the ADL! Though you soften it a bit by saying that you “wouldn’t put it past the ADL to misrepresent Duke, as they have me.” Yet, you say, “Yet the ideal of forced extradition of black Americans to Africa has always permeated hard core southern racism.”

And by the way, Ted, I know you are from the far north, but we down south don’t need your condescending tone about “Southern racism.” I and every true Southerner reading this will be offended by your statement. And I think our my good friends in the North and all over the Earth will be offended by this slur on your Southern White Christian brothers!

The fact is that almost every leading founder of the United States, South and North supported the American Colonization Society which supported the idea that Whites should support Black people creating their own sovereign society and ultimately a nation. These men were concerned about the future of the America but they also expressed genuine concern caring about Black people as well and believed it was in their benefit to be free and devise whatever society that they could naturally and without interference.

Black self-determination has had huge historical Black support and is was supported by the most popular Black leader of the early 20th Century, Marcus Garvey. This wildly popular Black leader delivered a petition of millions of Blacks to Congress asking for help to establish their own homeland! As you know, and have talked about this fact yourself, Martin Luther King was nothing but a totally controlled Jewish puppet). Rev. Farrakhan, sponsor of the Million Man March, also supports separation and he is arguably the most popular Black leader in America even at this moment. So why do we need to force anything? It is only the Jewish power over media and government that literally keeps this peaceful and popular (though logistically difficult) solution to the race problem from occurring.

For the record I have never in my life supported forced extradition of anyone in America with one exception, people who are illegally here in the first place. Frankly that they should be deported immediately and our government has the legal obligation to enforce our laws to do this. I have always maintained that after the Jewish supremacists are deposed from both the levers of media and government control — that both Blacks and Whites will overwhelmingly embrace this great dream of living in a society that fully supports their own particular expression of humanity and culture and values. Again, Ted, the only force that has stopped a fair and just solution for the race problem has been the Zionists who profit from a racially and culturally fractured society.

Also Ted, I am appalled at your attack on my reference to peaceful European communities with your “litany of European wars” reference, That itself is a racist-tinged argument. Every people and every nation on the planet have engaged in aggressive wars, but the civil harmony of homogenous parts of Europe is legendary. I am painfully aware of the faults within our people and I have always said that Europeans biggest historical faults are 1) The fratricidal wars of our people, including the Zionist fomented, catastrophically destructive and murderous Second World War, and 2) Our inability to recognize the existential threat posed by the Jewish extremists who have infiltrated our lands.

In my last video I referred to the safe, nonviolent peaceful European communities, I was obviously speaking about the civil and social life of Europe. I was contrasting the racially driven riots of Great Britain, and France and Italy and the obscenely high crime rates of the non-Europeans across the European populated world. Of course everyone who has spent time in still intact, pristine European populated regions of Europe, knows this. Most often, even if you accidentally forget your iphone somewhere it will more than likely still be there when you come back, wholly unlike the Babylonian polyglot societies blighted by mass immigration.

I know that you know that the mass immigration of non-Europeans into Europe and America has produced enormous amount of criminal activity and violence as well as societal strife and conflict, just as the Zionist multi-racialists knew would happen. And such today even fuels misguided support for Zionist Israel because the media says that Israel is fighting the same enemy. Of course the fact is, that Zionist power structure around the world has supported mass non-European immigration into Europe and America while stringently protecting the Jewish racial demographics of Israel. They boast of it. But now you are saying that for me to oppose this Zionist agenda, makes me a dangerous person.

I even though I go out of my way to stress that I don’t blame immigrants for seeking a better life, but that we have a right to preserve our homelands and protect our borders and homelands.

This division in anti-Zionist ranks is absolutely appalling. You will notice that in my long term activism of over 40 years, I have never attacked anyone who stands up against the Zionist power. Although my particular Christian beliefs might diverge from some particular views of yours, I have never publicly disagreed with you on any matter, and only helped and promoted you in every way.

And Ted, I am not attacking you now, I am simply defending myself and all of the European people who must have the same rights of survival as any other race on earth. I seek no harm or suppression to any other peoples, no matter how you or Abraham might twist what I say.

Also I do believe in intrinsic, real differences between the races in physiological traits, intellect, and even what is called character traits that have different expressions in culture. The fact that God respects all races, even all life on earth, is not a refutation of the facts of race and DNA, but a confirmation of it. By preserving these creations we are honoring God not refuting him. I am very careful to never use a characterization of superior or inferior in regard to any people. That is not necessary to say, it is suffice to say that we have differences and that those differences should be respected, not suppressed.

I think the fact that you try to strike against me because of your interpretation of my scientifically borne beliefs about nature and evolution is not really appropriate here. Christians and anti-Zionists have all kinds of views on many subjects, you don’t have to suggest someone should be shunned or not listened to because they have a specific opinion in one area that is different from yours. If you want to debate evolution with someone fine, but that is really not the subject here.

I have read your writings for decades now. And, I have seen you praise, quote and even feature the work and writings of ant–Zionists who themselves were Marxists, even communists, and yet you did so with nary a word of their affiliations. I have seen you feature the writings of anti-Zionists for their good work who did not believe as you do that the earth and universe was created in 7 days. Some even say that the immense age of the earth and the stars and almost infinite expanse of the universe is a testimony to God and not a refutation. Can we really afford to make enemies of other people on certain views of Science or interpretations of the Bible in the face of the worldwide, globalist evil destroying the lives, health, morality, and freedom of billions of the world’s people.

No, in your reporting the works of these other anti-Zionists, there extraneous beliefs weren’t even an issue, and why should they be? Why should I be any different?

I suggest that the difference with me is that the Jews have so demonized me, it is almost a form of self-defense from Jewish power to criticize me. It’s like saying, “I am no anti-Semite, no racist, that David Duke, he’s the racist anti-Semite.”

You admit the incredible “anti-Zionist power” of my videos, which many people say are among the best in the world to wake people up to the evil of Jewish Supremacism. As you know I have incredible videos exposing the anti-Christian evil of Christian Zionism. So why do the work of Abraham Foxman and give them the chance to possibly say that “even fellow ‘anti-Semites’ like Ted Pike says David Duke is racist and racial supremacist. When you say these things, and put doubts in people’s minds about me, you are weakening the anti-Zionist message I speak. Abe Foxman must have had a good laugh when he read your letter. Why give comfort to our enemies, Ted?

You had a Black preacher from Haiti visit you. As you know, he and no other prominent Haitian Black man would dare to condemn the Haitian bloody and vicious revolution. They all, in fact, honor the Black revolution in Haiti. They celebrate a revolution that raped and murdered almost every one of 40,000 White men, women, children, even White babies in their cribs, on that fated island. That revolution sent the once jewel of the Caribbean into the utter darkness of superstition, illiteracy, massive disease and infant mortality, cruel tyranny, human abuse and the ascendency of primitive and savage voodoo over the Christian message carried by the French.

I wonder if you mention that in Haiti, that every significant person, including your preacher friend, must salute the revolution of unspeakable evil that has led directly to the unbroken human suffering of Haiti. In your letter speaking of your bond with this Black preacher, why didn’t you condemn him for supporting the revolution that committed a genocide of the White population of a whole nation?

Of course, it is not necessary for you to do that, but nor is it necessary to shake your finger at me!

It is really a betrayal of a friend, a supporter, a brother Christian in the fight against Zionist evil. Save your vitriol for the real enemies of Jesus, Ted, not for a man who has made a lot of real sacrifices to stand up, and who has made a life of tireless work to stand up for the truth. For the sake of God and all people, don’t do the work of the Zionists for them!

You know that the Zionists hate me as much as any man living. I get dozens of obscene and horrific death threats from insane Jewish supremacists practically every day of my life. They have done everything they can to suppress me, defeat me politically, smear an besmirch my name and reputation. Their minions have, more than once come for me in mobs endeavoring to tear me limb for limb. Of course. I can show you thousands of scathing Jewish words written about me, and what is said about me in the Jewish media. Must I now read your words of condemnation too?

I am just man with many faults and many flaws. If they could revile and slander the kind and perfect Jesus, slandering a mere man like me is child’s play for them. If they could make people not speak a kind word of Jesus, for quote, “fear of the Jews,” it is easy for them to do the same to me, just a simple and fallible man.

But Ted, although I must protest what you have done. I will not tell people to turn their backs on you. When you do good work exposing Zionism, I will applaud, I will help spread it to the masses, I will encourage good people to support that effort.

I will not let you make you my enemy! You are not my enemy, and I refuse to see you as such.

I will not condemn you but ask you to kindly reflect and reconsider what you have written here. I will not strike back at you, and will continue urge people to support any worthy project you have that is good for the Anti-Zionist cause. I will not only turn the other cheek to you as a brother in the cause in the true spirit of Christ, I will repay your blows with nurture of your work and continue to help scatter your seeds of wisdom to fertile soil. And, I will always be there to defend you from the blows you suffer from the Jewish supremacists. I will always line up by your side when the Jewish supremacists come to besmirch either your character or end your life.

I know that the sum of your work is to defeat the Jewish supremacist evil that so corrupts the world and leads it to degeneracy, ugliness, war and hatred. What you think of me, or say about me is of little importance compared to that vital task. In fact what anyone thinks of me is unimportant in the greater scheme of things. Long ago, I knew that I would be reviled for telling the whole truth as I knew it. I knew it was the price I had to pay.
But, I humbly ask you to spend your time, your considerable writing and speaking skills going after our common enemies, rather than disparaging a true brother to you and your work.

With Sincerity and Christian Love Toward You,

Dr. David Duke

One further note: If you agree with me, I urge all of you to write a very polite letter to Ted Pike and let him know why you think his letter against me is not beneficial to our cause, urging him to unity rather than division in our ranks! Ted Pike can be emailed at

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