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17 February, 2005 By Rev. Ted Pike

For nearly a century, the Anti-Defamation League of B’Nai B’Rith has earned a formidable reputation for defaming those who oppose it. Broadcasters, especially, have operated in dread of the ADL, fearing that should they utter a word of criticism of the ADL, or of Israel , the ADL “thought police” would smear them as “anti-semites,” ruining their careers.
Yet things are changing.

The ADL, through their national executive board member, Philadelphia ’s District Attorney, Lynn Abraham, jumped the gun in launching a vicious, incredibly punitive persecution of 11 Christians in Philadelphia on Oct. 10th. Confident that they could create a media blackout so impervious that even Philadelphians would know nothing of the outrage, the ADL planned to rapidly convict the Christians under the harshest of penalties (47 years in prison and $90,000.00 fines). With this legal precedent in hand, they could then initiate many more indictments utilizing ADL-inspired state laws in 46 states.

But their plan backfired.

Through the cooperation of more than 50 American talk show hosts, the media blackout was broken through. The whole world was informed – and outraged at what the ADL tried in Philadelphia .

As a result, the ADL is lying very low, trying to stay out of public scrutiny. It is perilously close to losing its dream of a “Hate Free” America – an America in which Christians who criticize homosexuality or Zionist policies in the mideast will be criminalized.

Further, the ADL is not threatening or even complaining when it is exposed on the airwaves. I have been on about 90 radio talk shows this fall and winter. In nearly all of them, I mentioned ADL creation and enforcement of hate laws. Yet not one of the nearly 50 talk show hosts I have broadcasted with has mentioned any communication by the ADL to them or their stations. In fact, many broadcasters, emboldened, have invited me back numerous times to further discuss the deviltry of the ADL.

With the ADL so vulnerable, this is a unique opportunity to at last shine the light of public scrutiny on this most evil institution. For decades, Christians and conservatives have been bewildered how so much perverse, antichristian legislation can come at us so fast, so tirelessly. They have not realized that the great majority of such legislative sewage spews from one primary source, that septic think tank the ADL.

The ADL is truly the eye of the antichrist octopus, which intends to strip Christianity of all its public influence and symbolism, and initiate and enforce persecution against the church.

For this reason, free speech and free speech talk radio cannot survive much longer unless the power of the ADL is broken. It is time for all good broadcasters to come to the aid of their country against the ADL. They should join with me and Michael Marcavage, head of the "Philly Five," in ending what talk show host John Stadtmiller calls the “American Defamation League.”

For a complete expose of the ADL's role in creating "Anti-Hate" legislation, order our 80 minute video "Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians" for $24.90 postpaid. Order at or call 503-631-3808.

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