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10 January, 2011 By Rev. Ted Pike

Since last summer’s groundswell of Tea Party protest, the Anti-Defamation League has repeatedly condemned this red-state movement as “uncivil” and warned it could turn violent. ADL uses this term only to describe the political right not the pro-Obama left. (See, ADL Blasts 'Paranoid' Right: Are Millions of Anti-Obama Protestors 'Conspirators?') ADL now insinuates that a climate of incivility may have encouraged the horrific shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, a federal judge and others.

ADL comments,

[Giffords’] affiliation with ADL, which monitors and exposes hate and extremist groups, contributed to her awareness of the nexus between hate ideology and violence…While it is still not clear whether the attack was motivated by political ideology, the tragedy has already led to, as Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik put it, ‘soul-searching’ about the connection between incivility and violence. We applaud Sheriff Dupnik’s statements condemning the volatile nature of political discourse in America… (emphasis mine)

ADL's statement, issued the day after the shooting, is charged with stereotypic code words implying that the American right generates violence-inciting animosity and suspicion; thus it should be viewed as a prime inspiration of crimes of bias-motivated violence.

On the other hand, SPLC’s Mark Potok, interviewed on MSNBC, is very bold in claiming that Loughner subscribed to a number of concepts espoused by the political right, and that there is little doubt he was inflamed by right wing rhetoric. (Watch Mark Potok's MSNBC interview.)

Yet “incivility” may have had absolutely nothing to do with motivation of the shooting, especially since it is alleged that the suspected shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, inclined to the left, not right. (See Bill Ayers, communist provided Arizona shooter's curriculum?) ADL even admits that no one knows why Loughner went on violent rampage. So why don’t ADL/SPLC just wait until it is proven that he was sympathetic to "uncivil" rightwing values? Because these Jewish attack groups are itching to implicate the Christian/conservative right in the shooting. They yearn to strengthen their case that the political right in America is hateful, especially toward Obama and homosexuals, and prone to violence. Sen. Edward Kennedy said that a hate crime is in fact “domestic terrorism.” ADL/SPLC wants to make the case that the government must respond to such potential “domestic terrorists” through more ADL hate and “anti-terrorism” laws.

The truth is, ADL and other Jewish supremacist attack groups, as no other, specialize in fostering "uncivil" resentment and divisiveness at all levels of global society.

  1. Internationally: FOX News reports, “Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip was meant to push the area’s economy ‘to the brink of collapse,’ according to a US diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks on Wednesday, signaling that Israel was well aware that the policy was taking a heavy toll on the area’s civilian populations. Israeli leaders have long maintained that the blockade was necessary to weaken the ruling Hamas militant group. The newly released document…indicates that Israel hoped to accomplish that goal by targeting Gaza’s 1.5 million people. According to the March 3, 2006 cable, written by an American official, Israeli officials told American diplomats ‘on multiple occasions that they intend to keep Gaza’s economy on the brink of collapse without quite pushing it over the edge.’”

    ADL, pious champion of “civility,” why are you silent concerning such “incivility” toward the beleaguered people of Gaza by the nation you represent, Israel?

  2. Nationally: In America, Jewish supremacist attack group the American Civil Liberties Union (See ACLU Top Heavy with Jews) has finally won its long case on behalf of Jewish War Veterans, demanding the Soledad cross war memorial be taken down. While ACLU contends that a huge Jewish menorah on the lawn of the White House is not a religious symbol, ACLU cannot tolerate a Christian cross publically displayed in a predominantly Christian country. How does such intolerance by legal representatives of a minority of liberal Jews within a Jewish minority of 1.5% of the US population contribute to the climate of tolerance between Americans, Christians, and Jews? It doesn't. It only increases anger, "incivility," even vulgar anti-Semitism, especially within the far right.

  3. Locally: Surprisingly, the Supreme Court of Oregon allows established religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc., to teach children about their faiths in release classes from public schools several hours a week. Yet, Jewish attack group Jews on First (which describes itself as "defending the First Amendment against the Christian right") says, "No!" Not appreciating such values enrichment, it endorses an appeal by the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland and the phony anti-Christian "civil liberties" front Christians United for Separation of Church and State in opposition to the program. These opponents and others have descended on the Sherwood, OR grade school, claiming Christian “proselytizers” want to use such educational privileges to spread Christianity. In their argument against the program, they portray Christians as insensitive zealots, ignoring the disruption they bring, only attempting to unite church and state in religious zeal. Of course, other faiths are as free to “proselytize” as the Christians. Yet, because Jewish supremacist attack groups have a clearly anti-evangelical animus, they are working for repeal of the State of Oregon’s program. By clearly identifying themselves as Jewish, JOF and the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland only create anger, distrust, and "incivility" between Christians and Jews.

Sen. Barry Goldwater said, “Passion in defense of liberty is no vice.” The Tea Party's righteous indignation that swept many Democrats from Congress on November 2 may have been vehement, raucous, even caustic. But there is little record to substantiate ADL/SPLC’s present innuendo that it is a violence-generating national danger. It is an imminent threat to the freedom-destroying agenda of Jewish supramacists and Obama democrats. ADL/SPLC should pull back from premature insinuations and prepare to face the likely (and unsensational) truth that Jared Loughner was, like so many assassins of history, a deranged fanatic.

The Tea Party movement is protesting and trying to replace an unconstitutional, pro-homosexual, and financially irresponsible socialist government.

Jewish liberal activism works tirelessly to displace the historic Christian orientation of America. Its clear objective is to substitute biblically founded values of right and wrong with relativist values of “tolerance” and “diversity.” ADL, as Orthodox rabbi Nachum Shifren so powerfully contends, has only one intention – destruction of our Christian culture and civilization so that its own Judaically twisted one-world order may take its place. (See The ADL vs. Faith and Freedom)

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